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September 27, 2016
By imhereforthethought PLATINUM, Wayne, New Jersey
imhereforthethought PLATINUM, Wayne, New Jersey
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Good evening. Oh, sorry to surprise you. You probably don't think you know who I am. Yet, as it appears, I just showed up in front of you, out of thin air. Perhaps I should cut to a gritty, dramatic environment to explain myself. Hmm, let me think. What's gritty and dramatic enough? Oh, I know, an interrogation room. Broadcast control, turn this into an episode of NCIS. Thank you, aaaand... roll scene!

Where we are now, I'm no stranger to infamy. I figured it out before anyone else noticed. The people that they pretend to care about are all just pawns, and that makes me sick. THey've got us all on strings and too many of us say they do the `right thing.' You cna help. I've been watching you. I know you can help, but forst, I've got to get out of here. You can't help with that, but stay with me because once I'm gone, we're gonna send everyone who put us here to the place where they belong. So what do you say? Is it time for a Modern American Revolution?

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