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The Call

October 18, 2016
By BlackRedwood GOLD, Helena, Montana
BlackRedwood GOLD, Helena, Montana
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I hate when people say "Don't worry, there's 6 billion people in the world. One of them is just for you!" Honey, do I look like I'm gonna travel around the world and meet all the 6 billion people?

(This playwright does not fit the prompt. So she made up a conflict on Thanksgiving. This is all fake.)


RENARD: Where is the silverware Laena?

CELAENA: In the cupboard.

RENARD: Go behind Celaena and hug her.

LIZZI: Ugh, can you two just stop. You’re gonna make me vomit.

LILLY: Lizzi, you need to stop. They’re married. What do you expect? Them to be cold and not touch each other?

LIZZI: Really Illy? I thought you of all people would understand! Stand up abruptly from the table.

CELAENA: Not to be that b****, but I did tell you so. He’s trash, not sure what you saw in him.

LIZZI: Shut up! All of you! You don’t understand! You’ve never had your heart broken. You don’t know this hurt. Hang your head.

LILLY: Oh, so it’s not like my girlfriend abused me and broke my heart all the time! It’s not like Laena shut down for months after the guy she loved rejected her! Ren has even gone through serious crap. You’re not alone, so stop acting like it.

LIZZI: Shut up. I’m leaving, since none of you can be kind about my situation.

CELAENA: Sit your ass down now! Yell this. Now, when I went through that rejection, you were the one making me laugh. And you were there for me. You picked us back up. And I’m not about to let you go off alone in this mindset. You’re gonna eat dinner with us, then you’re gonna go home or you’re gonna stay the night here if you drink too much wine. But whichever place, you’re gonna be thinking of how you can apologize to Lilly. She doesn’t deserve to have you yell at her for no reason. Say this gently.

LIZZI: Sit down and look petulant.

RENARD: Dinner is ready, if you guys are done with your stuff.

CELAENA: For now at least darling. We’re gonna get some food now.

It’s now two days after Thanksgiving.

CELAENA: Oh my god. Oh my god! Ren! Where are you? Enter the house in tears and fall against the door.

RENARD: Laena? Baby, what’s wrong? Tell me. Run down the stairs and pull her up into a hug.

CELAENA: It’s Lizzi. She had an accident. It’s so bad. Start mumbling this repeatedly.

RENARD: Calm down. Baby, you need to calm down. Have you seen her?

CELAENA: Lilly called me. I left as fast as I came in. She’s so bad. They said she might not make it.


A cell phone rings in the night.


The voice over the phone is garbled. Renard wakes up and moves so he’s on the other side of the phone in front of Celaena. After a while, she drops the phone and Renard picks it up. Celaena looks completely blank.

RENARD: Oh. I see. Gosh, what is she going to do? Thank you for calling us. Set the phone down and go back around and get back in the bed. Pull Celaena close.

RENARD: She’s in a better place Laena. You saw how she was. She’s happier in Heaven.

CELAENA: She’s supposed to be here. She’s supposed to find someone else.

RENARD: I’m so sorry sweetie.


The author's comments:

My creative writing teacher gave me this prompt for class. I wrote this "play" in about 30ish minutes.

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