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the Elevator

December 17, 2019
By Doraliii BRONZE, Beijing, Other
Doraliii BRONZE, Beijing, Other
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the Elevator

“Do you want to go to another world? Would you like to give it a try and play this game with me?

When the elevator reaches the fifth floor, I will appear in front of you. ”

I recently saw someone playing an elevator game on a spiritual post. After a lot of people tried the elevator game, they came to a conclusion that this is a terrible game. I am not willing to rely on the game experience sent by netizens to pursue the excitement, so I decided to try it myself.


Game rules: (found from the Internet)


1. Enter the house of your choice and enter the elevator on the first floor. If there are other people in the elevator, please do not continue.


2. Press the fourth floor button.


3. When the elevator reaches the fourth floor, don't go out, stay in the elevator, press the button on the second floor.


4. When you reach the second floor, stay in the elevator and press the button on the sixth floor.


5. When you arrive at the sixth floor, stay in the elevator and press the second floor button.


6. When you arrive at the second floor, stay in the elevator and press the button for the tenth floor.


7. When you arrive at the 10th floor, stay in the elevator and press the button on the fifth floor.


8. When you arrive on the fifth floor, a young woman may enter the elevator. Don't look at her, don't talk to her. She is not what she looks like. Remember!


9. Press the button on the first floor. If the elevator starts to rise to the tenth floor instead of descending to the first floor, you can continue. But if the elevator descends to the first floor, then when the elevator door opens, you should go out, don't look back, don't talk.


10. If you arrive at the 10th floor, you can choose to get off the elevator or stay in the elevator. If you choose to go down the elevator, and the young woman has already entered the elevator on the fifth floor, she will ask you: "Where are you going?" Don't answer her, don't look at her.


11. The only sign that judges whether you have reached another world is that you are the only person here.


Return to your own world


If the elevator raises to the tenth floor and you choose to stay in the elevator:


1. Press the button for the first floor, if it doesn't work hold it down until it works


2. When the elevator reaches the first floor, the elevator door will open, you should go out, don't look back, don't talk.



If the elevator rise to the tenth floor and you choose to get out of the elevator:


1. You must return to your own world using the same elevator as before


2. When you enter the elevator, press the buttons in a specific order, the same way as the "second part", and reach the fifth floor.


3. When you reach the fifth floor, press the button for the first floor, the elevator will start to rise to the tenth floor again. In this process, you must press the button on the other floor to cancel the rise.


4. When you arrive at the first floor, carefully observe the surrounding environment. If you feel something is wrong - even the smallest details, don't walk out of the elevator. At this point you should repeat the previous steps until you are sure that you have returned to your own world and then walk out of the elevator.


* In another world, things look almost the same as your own world, but there are two exceptions: all lights are extinguished; the only thing you can see through the window is the red cross in the distance.


* Some experienced people say that electronic devices, mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, etc., do not work in another world. But some people hold the opposite opinion.


* Going back to your own world is more difficult than entering another world, because you may lose your way and even forget which elevator you are taking. There is also a saying that the elevator seems to be getting farther and farther away from you, so you must be vigilant and clear.


* If you faint during the game or lose consciousness, you may wake up at home. But this "home" is not necessarily your own "home", so you should carefully observe the surrounding environment.



I followed the instructions and walked alone into the elevator of the apartment building at about three in the afternoon and pressed the buttons.


When the elevator reached the fifth floor, a woman with a pale pink sunhat slowly walked in and stood on my left. She wore a dark brown dress with a laced white shirt inside. She was looking down, I couldn’t see her face. But I could see that her right leg seems to have a little disability, because when she walked into the elevator, there was something that couldn’t keep up with the right leg compared to the left leg. I was a little panicked, I kept calm and pressed the first floor.


The light on the first floor button lights up, but the elevator did not mean to fall. Instead, the elevator rose rapidly. I looked up at the display of the elevator and the elevator did not rise to the tenth floor but the thirteenth floor.


The lights on the first floor button were still on, and the elevator stopped on the thirteenth floor, the door opened.


I stood there and didn't know what to do. The current situation had not been able to follow the original instructions of the game.


After a few seconds, the elevator door closed. I saw an exact same young woman in the elevator. She stood still and kept her head down. I didn't dare to look at it a bit, and I continued to try to get the elevator to the first floor.


The button on the first floor of the elevator was still on. I pressed the button for several times and the elevator had a downward trend. I was relieved for a while.


However, the elevator did not reach the first floor, but stopped on the fifth floor.


The door opened.


The corridor on the fifth floor was dark. I squinted at the young woman and looked up.


In a blink of an eye, an identical woman walked into the elevator. I lowered my head and found that the woman's left and right legs were not able to keep up with the pace.


This woman was standing behind another woman. She lowered her head.


I tried again and pressed the next level, but the elevator still rose to the thirteenth floor.

The elevator door opened.


I rushed out of the elevator and ran to the stairwell.


Go up or down?


The stairwell was as dark as the corridor.


I looked back and the elevator door was still open. But the people inside were gone.


After that, I heard the footsteps coming closer and closer. I didn't think about anything, and ran straight in the direction of going up the stairs.


The footsteps behind me were obviously two cycles of one light and one heavy, and there was no interruption. 


Gradually, I feel the footsteps getting farther and farther. So I didn't know which floor stopped, I pushed the door of the stairwell and came to the corridor.


The corridor was still dark. I pressed the elevator down.


The elevator door opened and I pressed the first floor.


The elevator started to fall, I closed my eyes, leaned against the wall, and gasped. The ear on the left felt some air. Because I was too small, I didn't care too much, but continued to gasp. The elevator did not move. I opened my eyes.


The woman stood on my left side, and she was only about ten centimeters away from me. This time she raised her head.


But the area I could see clearly was only her nose and mouth. The places where her eyes were are dark, or maybe she has no eyes, only two holes that are sunken.


She grinned and slowly cracked her mouth and laughed at me. Her mouth was almost at the corner of her eye. She had no sound, only an open mouth.



I woke up from my bed. I still remember that smile. Seeing the familiar environment around me, I let go of my heart. Looking out the window, the outside, is still dark. My phone shows that it’s  three o'clock in the morning, but my stomach aches for hunger.


When I come to the kitchen, I find that the light switch is broken. I uses the flashlight of my mobile phone and take out a frozen steak from the refrigerator.


The microwave oven’s batteries were dead and the heat lamps of the microwave oven were not lit. The microwave oven couldn’t work anymore.


I clearly remember that I have already paid the electricity bill a few days ago. It was impossible to have no electricity. I dialed the property with my mobile phone, but the message came from the phone: "Sorry, the number you dialed is an empty number".


I sank into the sofa. The sleepiness came again, I fall asleep.


After waking up, I found that the window was still dark. However, the time display on the phone was seven in the morning. I wanted to call my family, but I found that the phone has no signal.


I came to the bedroom and wanted to make a call from the landline.


But I found out that there was one more person in bed. That person was facing me. I couldn’t see the face.




I rushed out of the house and pressed the elevator down.


In the elevator, I quickly pressed the button of the first floor. But the elevator stopped on the fifth floor and the elevator opened. A woman with a light pink sunhat came in.


She stood on my left, she looked up and smiled at me.


"Good morning, your bed is quite comfortable."

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