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Scary Story

December 17, 2019
By Saraherose20 BRONZE, Doylestown, Ohio
Saraherose20 BRONZE, Doylestown, Ohio
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Scary Story

            It was a rainy Friday morning as Jessica rode to school with her two best friends, Max and Johnny.  They had been planning to go to the football game tonight, but all agreed that standing in the rain wasn’t worth cheering on their school team for, yet another loss. 

“We could watch movies at my house?” Max suggested.

“That’s what we always do!” Jessica complained. “I want to do something new and exciting.  It is the weekend.”

“I might have an idea.” Johnny replied with a mischievous look in his eye.  The same look he always had when he was going to suggest something that would get them into trouble.

“I heard about this abandoned house right outside of town.” He continued.  “People say its haunted or something, but I’m not convinced.  How about we stay there tonight and solve this mystery once and for all?”

            Jessica and Max looked at each other before Jessica finally answered.

“I don’t know about this.”

“Why not? Are you scared?” Johnny said tauntingly.  Jessica wasn’t just scared, she was terrified to find out what was going on in the house, but she put that fear aside so Johnny wouldn’t see.

“Not at all.  I’m in.” she said with fake enthusiasm.  Just then they arrived at school awaiting the night that was ahead of them.

            The day flew by and before they knew it the three friends were standing outside of an eerie, beaten down house.  The fence was worn and most of the windows were broken from children throwing rocks through them.  The three of them carefully walked up to the house and pushed the front door open with a loud creak.

“Are you guys sure about this? Max said with fear in his eyes. 

Johnny and Jessica exchanged a look but didn’t answer as they walked inside.  The inside of the house was just as broken down as the outside.  The stairs had steps missing and the entire house was covered in layer after layer of dust and cobwebs.  There was a giant, dusty chandelier swinging softly on the ceiling next to the stairs. They set up their sleeping bags and lanterns in the living room and played games together as they waited for something unusually to happen.  The hours passed without any concern and the three friends started to drift to sleep.


Jessica woke up with a startle at the sound.  She looked over to her friends who had also woken up.  The three of them looked at each other with terrified expressions.

“Let’s go check it out.” Suggested Johnny. 

            The sound had come from upstairs, so they carefully creeped up the squeaking stairs, skipping the missing steps.  They walked down hall with their lantern casting their shadows on the walls around them.  The hallway split, leading to two small bedrooms.  They decided to split up to check out what had caused the noise.  Jessica and Johnny went down the right hall and Max went to check out the room on the left. 

            Max walked into the room and immediately saw a freshly broken window with a big rock sitting in the mess of broken glass.  He sighed in relief that the sound had only been a bunch of crazy kids taking their turn at the abandoned house.  Just as he started to relax and saw something out of the corner of his eye.  Something almost ghostly.  Without thinking and turned and ran, letting out a lout scream as he felt something throw him forward over the rail next to the stairs.

            Jessica and Johnny had just walked into the bedroom down the right hall when they heard the scream from Max.  Without thinking twice, they ran from the room and down the hall until they reached the stairs.  Just as they were about to continue running down the stairs they noticed something different about the chandelier.  They shined their light closer and found Max hanging from the chandelier with lifeless eyes.  Jessica burst into tears as Johnny took her hand and hurried her down the stairs to get out of the house of horrors.

            They reached the front door and tried to pull it open, but it wouldn’t budge.  Just then the same ghostly figure appeared at the top of the stairs.  They screamed as they turned and ran through the house, finding themselves in a rotting, dusty kitchen.  They hid behind the counter, breathing heavily and praying that whatever was in the house would spare their lives.  Before they finished praying the ghostly figure was entering the kitchen, forcing them to find a new place to hide.  They took off running back towards the living room.  Jessica took the lead with Johnny right on her heels.

“Hurr-“Johnny yelled, but he didn’t get a chance to finish the word.  Something sharp hit him in the back and he fell to the floor without another sound.  Jessica looked back and saw Johnny laying there with a kitchen knife in his back.  She was the only one left.  She kept going into the living room and back to the front door.  She started banging and screaming, hoping someone would come help her.  She couldn’t believe that a fun night with her friends could end like this.  She heard the ghost come into the living room and she was terrified.  She sank to the ground by the front door, closing her eyes and waiting for whatever fate she would find.  She kept her eyes closed for what felt like forever.  She started to get sleepy after a while, but was too scared to open her eyes so she let herself start to fall asleep.


A noise startled Jessica awake, and she looked around terrified and then confused.  She was in her sleeping bag with Johnny and Max fast asleep next to her.  The horrors of the night had all been a dream.  Jessica let out a sigh and quickly woke up her two friends.

“Let’s get out of here.” She said.

            The three of them packed up their stuff and walked out of the house.  Jessica looked back at the house as they pulled away, promising herself that she would never go back there or tell of the horrifying dream that she had during their night at the abandoned house.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for a scary story for school and fell in love.

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