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The House on Hallow Road

December 17, 2019
By alexaconforti BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
alexaconforti BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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There is a house at the end of Hallow Road that’s not abandoned, but hardly anyone has even caught sight of who lives there. My friends and I decided to pay them a visit and discover why nobody has seen them. As we got closer to the house we noticed someone was looking at us from the upstairs window. When the person saw us coming, they quickly shut the curtain and ran off into the room so we couldn’t see them. That was weird, one of my friends said. I think it was an old lady, my other friend said. We shouldn’t go any further. But one of my friends insisted we go, so instead of just going back home, we decided to go for it. 

It was Emma, Ava, and I. We just finished eighth grade and it was the beginning of summer. It always interested us who lived in the house because it was a big house with lights that turned on and off, drapes that opened and closed with grass that was maintained. It was on a dead-end street that we rarely passed by but today was one of the days we found ourselves in front of the house. It had a long sidewalk from the street to the front doorsteps. We looked at each other with this weird look on our face but still proceeded down the sidewalk.

We rang the doorbell and heard the loud echoing of the ringtone. We waited and nobody answered. We rang the doorbell for a second time, waited and nobody answered. Confused, looking at each other we concluded nobody was home. As we turned and started to walk away from the door, it swung open. We turned back around but hesitated because nobody said anything. Startled realizing there wasn’t anyone there, it was just a big red open door.

Petrified, Emma said we should go back home, this isn’t a good idea. Ava insisted we go in. Caught in the middle of Emma and Ava, I needed to make the decision. Guys I’m not going to go home, we have always wanted to go to this house. To break the disagreement, I decided to go in. We walked into the house and the floor creaked with each step. Emma shouted, is anyone home? A faint voice said I’m up here give me a minute. We look around and see a living room to the right and a dining room to the left. Intrigued by pictures on the wall of the living room we entered. We see several family portraits of what looked like a very normal looking family. I look at them closer and recognize one of the pictures, its a picture of a little girl about 8 years old. I try to think where I have seen her. 

While I’m trying to figure out where I have seen her, finally, a woman appeared in front of us. She was older, probably around 80 years old. She was totally excited to see us. She explained that her husband passed away 14 years ago and it hasn't been the same since he was gone. He left her a fortune where she has servants who clean her house, maintain the yard, etc.  She also explained that her daughter had left Hallow Road when she was 18 and went to college in New York City. Hearing all of this was a relief to us.  

The woman then asked us why we rang her bell. We replied that we have always wondered who lived in this house and thought today was a good day to introduce ourselves. My name is Margret, and this is Emma and Ava. I reached into my bag and got the cookies that we made for her earlier that day. She thanked us and placed the cookies on the table. She then said she would be right back with some milk. 

Suddenly, she appeared suspiciously with one hand behind her back running toward us. Ava screamed and ran for the door, Emma ran behind the couch, and I froze in place. Next thing I knew I was on the floor with a sharp pain on my forehead. I looked around only to find that I was in a room which looked like a room in her house. I found Emma and Ava tied up next to me. I asked them what had happened and they explained that the woman trapped us in her house. There were no windows in the room and it was pitch black except for the light underneath the door. How are we going to escape?

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My name is Alexa. During my free time, I train at IK Gymnastics four days a week. I have a brother that is a freshman at Walter Payton Highschool and a twin sister also at Near North Montessori School. My dog's name is Dino. He is a 2-year-old Goldendoodle. 

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I think that this was a great start. The little lady who turns out to have sinister intentions. Please think of continuing it