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the little girl

December 19, 2019
By Anonymous

        It was a stormy afternoon in April. I was walking outside in the rain going home. I was shivering   cold with my rain boots on. As I was walking home I saw a little girl standing there crying. So of course me being me, I went up to her to ask what was wrong and if she was okay. The little girl is crying saying “mommy mommy”. I walk her home with me to get her dry and calmed down. So we get home and I bring her in to my mom. My mom is saying 

       “omg who is that? Is she okay?”I tell my mom what’s going on. My mom and I both sit the little girl down to find out some information. The little girl says

       “my name is Maria, and I’m trying to find my mom.” 

So I was thinking in my head maybe the mom never came to pick her up. As she was talking to us. 

       Maria says “me and my mom we're going home till a man comes up from behind and chokes her. My mom told me to run..” So immediately I thought that it’s possible her mom can be found dead, but I didn’t say it out loud. The next day comes and Maria is crying for her mom. So me, my mom, and Maria get in the car to drive around to find her mom. As were driving around the city of Atlanta we see 3 blocks a closed off… I was only thinking the worst. So I tried talking to Maria so she doesn’t see all the cops and ambulances. But Maria wanted to get out of the car and go see. So we parked.As we went to the the scene we see a body bag… I hope it wasn't Maria’s mom. When we got there to see the cops let us identify the body. Maria instantly knew it was her mom. At this point Maria busted out in tears and screamed

        “MOMMY MOMMY WAKE UP.” I grabbed Maria to hold her with comfort. 

        I said “Maria everything will be okay.”

        So we leave the scene to go back home. The next day the cops come to talk to us. They tell us everything that’s going on. Me and my mom talk in private to decide what we will do with Maria. We decide we will keep her otherwise she will have to go to a foster home. We want the best for Maria. So we tell the cops the plan and they will try to get in touch with Maria’s family to let them know what’s going on. Maria was fine with staying with us. 

         After a few years passed Maria got well with grieving. We became like sisters over the years. We had many memories. Till this day I still can’t believe this happened. I'm glad i helped maria otherwise she would have been lost.

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