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Crimson Souls Part 1

November 17, 2009
By linkroxsox GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
linkroxsox GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
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Pools of crimson surrounded the young boy’s body. His chest heaved up and down violently, as he stared at the figure above him, his eyes wide and full of fear. She circled him laughing maniacally and finally settled for a smile.
“It appears I’ve grown sadistic over the years…I hope he’ll still be my friend.” She whispered innocently pushing her long, dark hair back, and the boy could only stare. She examined him with her big, bright, emerald eyes and kneeled down, frowning. She dipped her hand in the pool of blood and watched it drip down her hand as she lifted it up. The boy started to lose consciousness, the smell of iron in the air.
“It’s not pure enough!” Her was tone suddenly violent. She shoved her hand in his 3 inch gash as the boy let out of blood curdling scream. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as his organs were being sloshed around. She grabbed his heart and his body began to glow a soft blue. His eyes rolled back and he stared at her with glazed eyes. She smiled and giggled.
“So your soul wasn’t pure enough, right? Well then, you must pay the price!” She tapped his head lightly, “Now, be useful and go build our mansion or something.” She huffed a bored sigh.
“Yes.” The boy stood up and his intestines hung out of his bloody gash. He didn’t seem to feel the intense pain. Blood drops spotted the floor as he walked out the decrepit, wooden door. She looked around. The moonlight poured in from the open window and a light breeze danced across her skin. She shivered and immediately ran off to find the boy, her midnight colored cloak flowing around her.
“Wait just a little longer, my dear. I’ll find you one.” She whispered as her footsteps padded across the wooden hallway.

(Crimson Souls scene change)
“Class! We have a new student!” the teacher screeched in an obnoxious voice. Sam turned to look out the window that was showered in autumn leaves, trying to escape from the musty, boring classroom atmosphere. Nothing happened in this boring, stupid town. A new student wouldn’t make anything exciting. With these thoughts in mind, Sam turned to look at his homework and then at his pencil. For some reason his hopes were high. He wanted something unusual to happen in his life. The “new” student proceeded to shuffle into the classroom and stare at her feet, her auburn hair hung loose and her 1980’s dress fluttered around her, a small blush rode across her porcelain face.
“I – I’m Cara.” She announced like she was afraid someone would attack her if she didn’t say anything.
“Yes. Thank you. You may sit over there behind…Sam.” The teacher pushed “Cara” to the direction of her desk and smiled like there was no tomorrow. Cara sat down and looked around like a frantic little mouse. Sam decided to put her out of her misery. He looked back at her.
“Hey, no one’s going to hurt you. Everything’s alright. I promise.” He faked a smile that was his specialty.
“Oh, thank you.” She looked at him and for a split second Sam swore he saw her eyes flicker from green-to-red-to-green again. His eyes went wide and she looked away.
“Sam…since you are so…interested in…Cara, then you may escort her around the school.” The smiling teacher seemed satisfied with her lame punishment, “It appears you both have the same schedule and your lockers are close. How odd.” Sam ignored her looking away but, back in the crowd of students appeared a smirk.

After school, Sam showed Cara around. He would say something informative and the out of style beauty, would reply with an “oh” or “that’s nice to know” and they would walk on to something else.
“Nothing unusual,” Sam whispered to himself, “just showing a girl around. After a while, Cara suddenly disappeared when they stepped into the science lab and Sam stood there looking like an idiot giving a report of how great the lab was to himself.
“The security guard probably had a nice laugh.” Sam mumbled as he spotted a small white camera on the wall. He sighed, rolled a hand through his jet-black hair and walked out the emergency exit leading to the front of the school. He pulled on his dark blue jacket and stood near the edge of the school checking to see if he forgot anything when he heard a couple of girls talking.
“The new girl? Yeah, I heard she kidnapped someone. How scary!” a short blond said.
“He went missing? But, someone told me that she put a spell on him and he, like died.” Another girl whispered, “They called it the Crimson Soul Case. Weird, right?” the group of girls giggled and squealed. Sam listened intently. Were they talking about the shy, old style girl in his class?” Another girl joined the conversation.
“I feel sorry for that Sam-kid. He’s probably next!” Sam quickly gathered his things and walked around the corner. Cara couldn’t be the person they were talking about. She had only been here for a day, how did they know so much? His thoughts were interrupted by a familiar, old, grey minivan. He hopped inside and hoped his mom wouldn’t ask about his day. He sighed and continued to think about what those girls had said. Cara wasn’t weird or violent. She was a little odd. The way she dressed and talked was pretty old fashioned but she seemed pretty normal. Sam turned to look out the window when he spotted something in the rearview window. He took a closer look. There, on the side of the road stood Cara covered in blood holding a metal bat in her hands as she beat a girl who was gossiping about her. She had a glazed look on her face as she spotted him. Sam’s eyes went wide and he gasped.
“What’s wrong?” his mom asked in a concerned tone.
“She…Cara…” Sam looked back into the mirror and spotted nothing, “blood…” Was it a hallucination?
“Are you sick? You’ve been acting strangely? Do we need to go to the doctor?” She asked, “Sam? Sam?!”
“Huh? Oh, no…it’s…it’s nothing.” Sam itched his olive colored hand and sighed. Sam’s mom was concerned and as soon as they got home, she suggested that Sam take a rest. Sam walked up the stairs to his room. It was dyed a soft orange from the afternoon sunset. He flicked the light switch as his parents left for their “date night”.
“You’re late.” Someone said in a fake concerned tone. Sam spotted someone near the window. A black cloak rested around their shoulders as their pale toe outlined the cracks in the floor.
“Oh, me? I believe we’ve met.” The figure removed their hood and millions of auburn locks shined in the orange sunlight, this time she wore a short black dress.
“Cara!” Sam chuckled, feeling stupid, “Did one of the girls put you up to this?”
"What are you talking about?” Cara replied, her face full of confusion. Fear struck through Sam’s body, but he could only laugh, “Come on, this is all a joke right? You got me, now cut it out. I have homework to do.”
“Very well. Then you have 5 minutes to do whatever you please.” With one graceful jump out the window, Cara was gone. Sam giggled and turned on his computer to start his homework.
“What a joke.” Sam whispered to himself. Sam paused and typed in: Crimson Soul Case. He laughed at himself for being so gullible. The page loaded and Sam casually clicked a link, titled: Girl Tries to Bring Back Dead Using Human Soul. Sam rolled his eyes thinking, sure whatever you say. He read on: A local school girl attempts to use a classmate’s soul to resurrect someone, officials say, she’s on the run, apparently and all the investigators found was a pool of blood in the victims attic and a jar titled “soul”. Sam skimmed on. “She was such a nice person,” a fellow classmate states, “We never thought she would do something like this.” There was a rough sketch of the suspect that looked surprisingly like Cara. Sam’s heart skipped a beat and he scrolled down to the last line. “The boy has gone missing and it is suspected that he is now dead,” states the local sheriff. Dead? Sam gulped and his eyes moved around in a saccadic way. Cara? What had she told him? It was all a blur. Sam grabbed his TV remote from his bed, shaking uncontrollably. Was she really out to get him? Did he just laugh off the announcement of his death? What did she say before that? 5. 5 minutes. He had 5 minutes before she would sacrifice his soul for some dead person? Sam ran to his backpack trying to find a piece of paper to write on. He picked up the house phone and sat at his desk. He took out a pen and began writing: Dear mom and dad, a girl with auburn hair named Cara is trying to use me as a sacrifice for some weird ritual. He picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1. He heard it ring and immediately yelled into the receiver: “Help! I-I think someone’s out to get me!” His voice cracked and a warm tear dropped down his face.
“Look kid. We don’t have time for jokes.” The operator hung up and Sam held the phone quietly.
“No! Wait!” He shouted, hysterical, “Fine! If you won’t help me, I’ll-I’ll…” He broke down, sobbing and slammed the keyboard with his fist. He watched it fly across the wall and fall to pieces. His fear dropped down a level.
“What’s wrong, Sam?” A motherly tone rippled around the room, “Time’s up!” A hand floated to his neck and tightened its grip.
“No! I don’t want to die!” He hit her head with the remote and her grip loosened. Sam flew out the door and sprinted down the down the stairs like his life depended on it, which ironically it did. He tripped on a step and tumbled down the stairs landing on his ankle. He screamed in pure agony as a porcelain bone protruded from his skin. Blood stained the hardwood floor. He breathed deeply and attempted to crawl down the stairs.
To be continued....

The author's comments:
I'm putting this story into parts because the whole story won't fit.

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