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Blind Terror

December 13, 2009
By AsToldByRachel SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
AsToldByRachel SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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The darkness is complete- more complete than I have ever seen. I am blind to the mist covered lake I know is there, just beyond my toes. With one step I could plunge into its icy, graveyard depths. Or maybe, just maybe, I would remain on this equally haunted island- where it all seems silent…until you listen. There’s the subtle yet sinister lapping of the waves on the broken- glass shore. It’s as if the waves are hungrily devouring the land that both protects and terrifies me. I can’t decide which I fear more; the frigid fingers of the lake, or the creatures of dread that lurk behind invisible trees. There is no wind to speak of, and yet, icy cold breaths from creatures unknown send shivers cascading down my spine. Although, it’s the sounds I don’t bear witness to that I fear the most, the mystery of the unknown- the terror of darkness. There’s more terror than could ever be conceived thriving here on this deserted island of dread.
This isn’t just any horror filled scene though- Oh no! Here there is an abundance of the impossible. More than ghosts and men with machine guns- there’s the feeling of being far, far away from anyone but your death. Maybe this place was created just for my own personal doom, or maybe this is an often frequented place where spider webs are more than just silken threads and footsteps, even your own, are reason for flight. I can feel the presence of the trees; hear them creaking, smell their rich smell of slow decay. My mind can see where my eyes cannot and I see the demons hidden among their branches. The dust kicked up from the sand and swirls around- threatening to envelope me. This is the part of the horror movie when the lightning crashes, thunder roars, and the girl screams before being eaten by some hideous creature. This is the place of nightmares- or to some, dreams. This island of my nightmares is the place where the creepy characters of fiction and the possibly even more frightening events of reality collide and meld together to form one horrifying scenario.
Although the island seems deserted I cannot deny the shadow I see lurking in the gloom. This shadow, although blending with the darkness, is not tree or stray animal or something of the sort. With every moment that passes I feel it inching closer. I turn slowly and spy, among the tangled thorns, a rowboat. How perfect this seems- me stuck on an island and a rowboat suddenly appearing, ready for my use. Not only perfect, but suspicious. I slowly tread on light feet to the thorns and clear them away. They prick my hands and gouge my skin. Blood runs down my forearms and drips to the ground. Finally though, the boat is free. Do I dare trust it to bear me across the deathly waters? Or should I stay here, on this frightening island, and wait for the shadow creature to reveal itself to me? Do I risk death at the hands of the creature, or the icy fingers of the water?

The author's comments:
This was just a quick write about a scary setting for English.

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on Jan. 14 2010 at 8:28 am
wishing4thebest2day GOLD, Redmond, Washington
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That is really amazing! If that is your quick write, I have to read your long ones cause this one was so good!

on Jan. 5 2010 at 9:43 pm
Chocolatelover22 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
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This was amazing!!! I've never heard of a place like this, but now that I have I do not want to go there. It was really intense! Awesome job :)