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January 11, 2010
By nordgirl GOLD, Turlock, California
nordgirl GOLD, Turlock, California
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Some people hear voices. Some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever.

“Shut up!” I cried desperately. My mind was always on overload and he was not helping.

“Mature, just yell ‘shut up’ when you get annoyed.” He laughed at me. His eyes flickered mockingly.

A turquoise pillow hit him square in the face, harder than I had ever sent anything with my mind before.

After recovering from the hit he smiled. “You have been practicing.” He noted dryly.

“No, just really mad!” I said through clenched teeth. It was true. I never was this mad. Especially not this mad at him.

He laughed again. The sound sent shivers down my spine. If I was mad at him he could get mad right back. If he got mad, he left his mark.

I breathed deeply to calm myself. The last thing I need was to go into a blow out again. I already broke too many things in my room.

“Your mind has so much more power than basic thoughts.” He quoted from a master of telepathic energy as he took a step closer than me.

“Oh boy, I can throw stuff without touching it!” I said sarcastically, wondering if I could catch him of guard with another pillow. Maybe if I wasn’t facing him, he wouldn’t expect it, but I couldn’t concentrate without looking at the thing I was telepathically throwing at him.

That is why he was here. He was supposed to train my mind, but the more he was around the weaker my mind felt.

He said we need trust between us to build up my skills, but how could I trust someone who didn’t trust me. He wouldn’t even tell me his name.

I ran a hand through my greasy hair. He had turned off my water until I got better at my unwanted gift.

“Why haven’t you been practicing?” He was annoyed now. “Do you ever want to have control over your power?”

That sent me over the edge. His little comments, the ones that he said to test my patients. He said that one knowing that I feared lack of control over myself.
I screamed out at him with furry, furry that had been bottled up inside of me ever since the first time I had met him.

Items flew around the room. The fridge nearly hit him as it went by. I swore as it missed. More objects left the ground and floated maliciously around the room. I didn’t feel the weight of them as they were mentally held up.
Then a potted plant hit him on the back of his head. It made a loud noise as it broke..

“Enough!” He yelled at me. I reluctantly let the items fall to the floor with a sickening crash. “What if one day, when you are older and married, you get in a fight with your spouse? Do you want to knock his head off with the stove? Do you really want to become a widow on your own mistakes and ignorance?”

I glared at him with a different type of anger. I was no longer mad at him, but at myself. He was right. I had no control over myself. Luck was the only thing that kept people I loved alive.

I fell to my hands and knees and sobbed forgetting him for a moment. I was out of control. I was spiraling down ward too fast to Earth. When I finally hit the ground, I would never get back up.

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