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The Middle (Part 2 of The Beginning)

February 3, 2010
By musiclover94 GOLD, Springboro, Ohio
musiclover94 GOLD, Springboro, Ohio
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“So, what questions do you have? That’ll be the easiest way to deal with this,” I asked as I drove, not sure where to start.

“Well,” she bit her lip, “What am I hiding from exactly?”

I couldn’t repress a sigh. This was the hardest question to answer. “Dominic. He’s a maniac. He kidnaps people for his…enjoyment. He has his eyes set on you,” I explained as best I could.

“But how do you know? Why isn’t he in jail if he does this all the time? Why does he want me?” she asked, each question rapidly followed by another.

“I know because Dominic is…well, he’s my twin. I know because I read his mind.” I stopped talking after that to see if she believed me. If she didn’t, there wouldn’t be much I could do. She wouldn’t accept what was really going on so I couldn’t help her. There was an uncomfortable pause.

“Well, I’ve read about that but I, well, I always thought it was a scam. I was going to ask my cousins about it since they’re twins but they’re a little scary. How does it work?” I couldn’t believe my luck.

“You believe me? Most people just think I’m crazy…” I trailed off in amazement. But there were more important things to deal with. “I mean, thanks. And basically I can read his mind if I try but he’s usually too distracted to break into my head. As for your other questions, he’s not in jail because the authorities can’t catch him. There’s always plenty of evidence convicting him but he’s always disappears before they can convict him. I don’t know why he wants you specifically because he’s guarding that too securely for me to see it. But he wants you bad. So, I’m taking you to my house. He hates thinking of how he used to live in such a mundane suburban setting. We’re too safe, exactly what he likes to think he isn’t. I’m hoping he’ll be afraid to see our mom and our house and basically his past. Maybe he’ll put off coming to get you for a while.” I turned onto the next street, relief building the closer I got to the house. “Do you have a friend you can pretend to sleep over with?” I asked. “We have to give your parents some excuse for disappearing for tonight at least.”

“Jenna,” she said firmly, pulling out her cell phone. She typed in the number and was quickly trying not to scream at her parents.

“Mom, I know it’s a Wednesday night but I have to help Jenna study for a huge test and I promise I’ll be in bed even before I normally am at home.” Some very loud fuzzy words were coming out the other end, then-

“I know Mom,” she sighed. “I’m sorry, but I’m going. Bye Mom, love ya.” She snapped the cell phone shut. “She hates me. And Dad’s gonna kill me,” she said with her eyes closed.

“Believe me, it’s worth it for Dominic not go to your house and get them. You should call Jenna so she can cover for you,” I said, shuddering at what would happen if her parents were taken by Dominic to get to her.

“Hey Jenna, it’s Haley. Yeah, I just got out of musical. Yeah. So my mom may call and demand I come home from your house. She’ll probably ask to talk to your parents and everything. It’s really important you convince her that I’m there and we’re studying and I’m sleeping over. You need to make her think it’s okay that I stay over if you can and don’t let her come over and let her see I’m not actually there. I can’t explain now Jen, but please just do this for me. Kay, I’ll see you…soon. Bye,” she said hanging up. Haley. I realized that I hadn’t asked her name.

“Alright, we’re here. I just need to find a good place to keep you,” I said, practically talking to myself as we both got out of my car.

“Any ideas?” I asked. The basement was cliché and easy to get to but there wasn’t really a better place for her. But just then the front door opened, and my mom wasn’t due home for two more hours. Dominic. “Quick! Hide in the dining room!” I whispered as I heard footsteps coming towards us. She was properly hidden in the shadows just a hair before Dominic walked into the kitchen.

“I know she’s here, baby sister. Where did you put her?” he asked, his voice filled with malice as he pointed out, even during this most serious of situations, that he was four minutes older.

“I put her no where. You’ll have to find her yourself,” I said, sticking my chin up defiantly.

“Oh, I intend to find her,” he said with a smile. His hand swung up and back down with blinding speed. I felt the vicious sting of his hand but it was nothing to the terror I felt when I heard Haley gasp. It was just a tiny sound but it gave away her position. Dominic grinned and picked up the frying pan from the stove and swung it over my head and that’s the last thing I remembered.

The author's comments:
This is way dramatic and I don't like it much but I feel like I need to put it out there anyway.

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on Feb. 13 2010 at 5:41 am
Mandiella DIAMOND, Plaistow, New Hampshire
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I'm glad you posted this. Now The Beginning makes more sense. I like the ending, how she gets hit with a frying pan.