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March 5, 2010
By DarkAngel14 SILVER, Grand Forks, North Dakota
DarkAngel14 SILVER, Grand Forks, North Dakota
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Janey ran away from the screeching noise coming from the other room. She looked frantically around her for some type of weapon. It could be anything as long as she could use it to protect herself. Large thumping noises started up, each one coming closer, and closer.
As Janey started to panic, the unknown evil came closer to the front door of the house. Finally, she found a fire poker, a long heavy chunk of metal with a sharp pointed end.
A sound that resembled finger nails on a chalkboard started from one end of the house and ended at the front door. Right after it stopped, Janey unplugged her ears and screamed because the door started to rattle because who was on the outside had grabbed the handle and shook it as hard as they could, trying to get inside.
Janey turned and ran to the secret hatch in the ceiling, pulled it down, and climbed into the attic. She quietly but quickly shut the hatch and was enclosed in darkness all except for the little sliver of light coming from an air vent that went directly outside, right above the front porch of the cabin.
Mean while, the intruder had broken in by breaking a glass window around back and climbing in through the hole.
Bellow her she could here the person rummaging around. Janey could here glass breaking, objects being thrown, and upturned. The person below started pounding on the walls, making as much noise to scare her out of her hiding place.
Then for the first time the person spoke up, in a deep obvious male voice, "Come out, come out, where ever you are." Unable to move, frozen with fear, Janey stifled a scream. She remembered that voice of her mother's crazy ex-boyfriend.
His name is Jerimy, he was put in jail for stalking and threatening her mother after she broke up with him. After that, we had packed up and gotten out of Dodge. The question is how did he find us? But thankfully, her ma had went to town and was no where near him.
Janey took a look around herself and tryed to brain storm ways to set out of the attic and somewhere safe. The only two she could think of were a) to bust the air vent, drop down and run like heck to the nearest area with cell reception or b) to stick it out in the attic and hope to God he didn't find the secret hatch. Janey went with plan a.
Quietly as possible, she crawled to the vent, lined her feet up with it because she had only one shot at escaping, and kicked out at it with all of her might and sent the vent flying. She climbed through it feet first and dropped down. She hit the ground running.
Behind her she could hear Jerimy screaming at her to get back there, she ran even faster heading for the woods. She ran in the direction of the town.

The author's comments:
This piece I wrote in my Creative Writing class for a short story.

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