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What Happens After 3,2,1?

May 16, 2010
By Just.a.girl BRONZE, El Dorado, California
Just.a.girl BRONZE, El Dorado, California
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Wake up Claire your going to be late for cheer!’’

Looking at the clock my mom was right, I was going to be late, it was already a quarter to six p.m. I sat up and looked to see if my mom was still at the door only to find my homework and book at the end of the bed just where I left it when I fell asleep.

I had to put on my cheer outfit, put my hair in a pony tail and get to cheer in the next twenty five minutes. When I was ready I ran down stairs almost tripping over my little sister Kaila’s toys. When I was grabbing a granola bar Kaila ran into the kitchen wearing her princess costume.

“momma’s in da car” she told me in her three year old voice.

“Thank you Kaila” I yelled as I was running out the door to the car.


After cheer I checked my phone and I had a text that said:

my meeting is running
late you will have to
walk home.
Love mom

It was no big deal walking home it was just a few miles away but it was kind of annoying since it was dark and cold especially since I was only wearing a tank top and a skirt. After walking about five minutes the street lights all-around me turned off. I could see the street lights miles away and the shadows of the trees. Behind me I hear some one walking fast and loud. I turn around and someone is only a few feet behind me.

I started walking fast almost running. Then all the sudden all the lights turned on and I don’t hear the person behind me anymore. I look behind me but no ones their only a beautiful pink and yellow flower with a note attached. In big neon pick letters it said “3“.

I am to scared to turn around to pick the flower up to see what else is written on it. The man that left it could be any where. He is probably behind a tree waiting for my to turn around and get the flower and he will suddenly appear. My arms have goose bumps and I cant move my legs. I’m just standing in the middle of the side walk thinking to my self just move the left leg and then the right.

The first car I’ve seen since I left cheer was coming toured me, I started running as fast as I could. I was shaking so much, nearly falling to the ground. I see the street my house is on, only seven houses away from safety. All the sudden ten feet in front of me the guys that was behind me before is their, just standing staring at me. I stop, he opens his mouth to say something and I scream loader then I ever have. Then he is gone and the air where he was standing was sparkling.

When I get home I run inside and slam the door close and locked it. The door made an eco through out the house that made my dad run into the room and I could her Kaila up stairs crying. The noise woke her up.

“What’s wrong Claire?” my dad asked.

As he was walking closer to me he could tell that I was shaking with fear. But when I got to talk I say nothing, I just stand in place, did I really want to tell him? What if it was just me, my imagination?

“I don’t I - I don’t think it was anything” My dad did not believe it wasn’t anything. My dad was following me up to my room.

It was just to weird, The sparkles after he left, the creepy way his shadow looked walking behind me, the flower with the note. When I got to my room I opened the door very quietly because I have to share a room with Kaila.

“Are you sure your ok Claire?” my dad asked.

“Yeah I think I just need to go to bed,”

“Ok tell me if you need anything.”

I didn’t sleep so well, I woke up a lot trying to figure out what that guy could possibly want but only coming up blank. When I get out of bed I realize that what woke me up was not my alarm, I still had five minutes, it was the light glowing from my bathroom. It was a strange white light it was to bright to be the normal one that lights the bathroom.

I walked into my bathroom and the light switches back to normal. And then the wind comes rushing through my room my hair starts blowing every where, I get goose bumps. Then something blows into my hand. I look down and it’s the same neon pink 3 that was on the flower. The wind just stops and its back to the normal hot sunny morning. I throw the 3 down and run out of the bathroom shutting the door behind me.

I decide not to take a shower. I use the make up I have in my room and get a brush from down stairs. I have bothers and a sisters so when I’m down stairs I’m very surprised by how quiet it is. I walk into the kitchen to ask what is going on and in the kitchen its him. It’s the guy from last night standing in my kitchen. I freeze in terror.

“Why are you here? What do you want?” when I asked my voice was shaky

“No, the real question is what happens after 3,2,1?”

Then he was gone and in his place is a pink and yellow flower with a note attached that says “2” in neon blue and glitter was floating to the ground. Like last night. I called my mom to ask what was going on and why they weren’t home. My mom said her and my dad had taken the kids to a birthday party. I look at the kitchen clock and its already after lunch I don’t believed it so I look at my phone clock and it says the same. I run up stairs and look at the clock in my room and the time reads.


That’s not possible how can that be the time. And there is a neon blue 2 on top of my clock. I look around my room and every thing is two. Two pillows, two windows, two TVs, two beds every thing is two. I scream as loud as I can. Then a few days later I start seeing neon 1s in random places.

Then one week later from that night after cheer the guy is seating on the couch. I scream again and bolt for the door. He grabs my arm spins me around so I’m facing him. I start kicking and hitting but he doges every kick and every hit and keeps saying “calm down, clam down” but I refuse to until I’m so tired I have to stop. He lets go and I run to the door but he is already their guarding it and its already locked.

“If you would just calm down and listen I could explain it all” I stop moving knowing this is going to turn out bad.

“I promise I wont hurt you. I just what to tell you what is happening” he walks closer to me and I back away.

“I’m listening” I say with as much attitude as I can!

“Claire you have to listen to me, its dangerous for you to be here-” I cut him off.

“ what do you mean its ‘dangerous’? The only person dangerous is you!”

“No Claire I’m here to help you. You have talents that most people don’t have. Claire you have a chance to be something special. most people don’t get this opportunity, but it’s a very dangerous thing you can come with me now and go through training or you have 3 weeks and your talents will take over you and you will die”

“I’ll pick option 2” their was no way I was going with him!

“Claire before you pick you should let me explain. If you can see the stuff you’ve seen the last week it means you have a chance. You have till tomorrow then we leave”

“what if I don’t want to go!?” I said

“I’m not going to watch you waste your talents like that” and poof he was gone.

After he left I laid on the couch and thought about what he said. And I hope to never see him again of course I will though, hell be back a again of course. I needed to think this through so I go up stairs and open the door and he is just walking out of my bathroom with some of my stuff in one hand and my suitcase in the other.

“Come on Claire its time to leave”

“I’m not going with you” I yell at him

“Yes, you are or I’ll destroy of you myself” I Zoom out my room, down the stairs, slam the front door open only to see him standing their.

“ What took so long?” he says, looking at his watch

“I’m not going with you” I say screaming again

I try running for the back door but he is to fast he pins me to the wall

“Claire I want you to come with me. This can be easy or hard.”

Next thing I know I can’t see. I scream and yell and kick and fight but it does not work. I know every thing he said was a lie except me dying cause its happening now. He just wanted to kill me. But nothing fits, why me? How did he do the numbers, the sparkles, the speed, all of it? And I cant breath it feels like someone’s stabbing me all over, every where. And then I cant feel anything and everything’s black.

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