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The Moon will only know the truth

June 1, 2010
By dolkio BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
dolkio BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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"Sometimes i like to put up walls to see if anyone even cares to break them down."

Caleb paused by the ally way. It didn’t feel right. The street seemed odd like there was a foul smell that no one noticed. Then if on cue, she screamed. It wasn’t a shrill sound like most human women made, it sounded like a person was drowning. He wanted to help, but he couldn’t tell where it was coming from. As if he was in a never ending cave. He couldn’t smell or hear the assault. It was just like it was only in his mind. ‘I have been acting strange, but I know this is real. I can’t just walk away. This responsibility is on my shoulders.’ He thought Turning around. ‘Maybe it is at the other corner.’ Caleb paced over there. His whole body told him the truth; it’s at that creepy ally way leading to Oxward forest. His internal mind trembled. ‘I’m a grown man, I can handle it.’ He told himself while he (despite his fears.) started in that direction. Then he wished he had no fear, and had broad shoulders, and an eerie presents like Alec had.
He went in the ally way, but didn’t touch the boxes or the boarded up holes. No matter how strong he thought he was, he would never do that. Too many tales of decayed bodies, patched with other’s skin. It was too late; he remembered the newspaper article. His fears grew wilder, taking over his actions. His breaths deepened and he sprinted to the closest side out, and that was the path to the forest.
‘I can-’ he thought at first; his breathe caught. He saw the moonlit forest; the sky was a deep purple, promising thick rain. Thankfully no thunder roared the trees. It was so bright, sort of like it was beckoning him.
Then this keen sense smacked him in the face, the smell hit him. You know how when you pick up a dead animal and you get a small whiff of it, like holding your recently dead cat. This was so wrong and big like nature twisting in on its self then mutating to something horridly evil. He only smelled It, he couldn’t move, too sacred.
Then what sounded like trash cans tipping over, made pricks strike on his back, like a gaze of death. He didn’t think, if he had he would have ran into the woods, but him not being the smart one. Caleb turned.
“Maribelle!’’ he shouted his relief at her, and took her in his arms crying rivets of joy. “Ma-’’ he sighed. Then coughed up the horrid stench, he held up hand and pushed her into the moonlit. It was too light. Was there a second full moon? He didn’t care. He noticed she turned her back to him. Her clothes had torn holes, and mismatched patches everywhere. That’s not what concerned him.
“Say you will try not to yell; it still is me.”” Maribelle’s voice dulled down. It sounded groggy or like an old witch.
“I won’t yell, your still Maribelle and.”’ She grunted and said “close your eyes.’’ “Kay.”” Caleb was a little boy again. He heard her shoes shuffle by him. I won’t peek, he kept telling himself. He hadn’t seen her face lately. “I haven’t seen your pretty face and golden hair and…”’ was she actually circling him? Am I food or something? He shivered. “Keep going, I love to hear you babble.”’ The droned voice said behind him. He whipped behind, but didn’t open his eyes. Her fingernails paced his back. They seemed grotesquely sharp and long. “Umm… and I miss your clear sea water eyes, they are my home, my warmth in a snow storm. Seeing them keeps me sane.”” He imaged her smile, everything about her. Why did he love Emma more than? He felt what was supposed to be a nice touch that had turned to overgrown nails and withered hands. She held both his arms securely. “Open your eyes now.”” The sound mocked seduction. Maybe she’s only sick. Maybe she’s testing me to see if I am worth her time, after such a heart break with Emma-. “Open.”” She tapped on his chest. Caleb’s eyes fluttered. He couldn’t shriek. His mouth gapped open despite the nasty smell desecrating from her. Was it her? What was the thing standing in front of him? Where was Maribelle? He fell to his knees in the fear he was anticipating. A wave washed tolling over him and froze him in the consuming fright. He waited for her and she waited for him.
He let one drop fall, then one more and so on. His heart was wrenched from him. It was hard to breath around the pain, the sore ache from being stripped away from what belong to him. He wasn’t numb from the hole in his chest. He was numb form his surroundings.
Then he felt the little pressure that weighted down his arms. He was about to snap the hands in half, When she pulled him into her unclean dress. Then acting as its own his hand pondered upward. Even though it collided with her jaw line, she still cradled him, leaning her head on his. Her ragged hair covered his face. A blood tinged tear fell to his cheek, down look up. He still had the fresh memories of her yellow eyes that where blood shot, and the horrid lips. “I am sorry my love, my stupidest ruined our lives.”” her sob was whispering wind. “Tell my real Maribelle I love her; when I wake from this life-like nightmare.”” Caleb said as a desperate sob caught her throat. Her whole body shook. “I will spend my life finding her.”” Caleb sighed. “This is a dream, I know.’’ When Maribelle froze Caleb looked pasted her hair. A group of billowing capes stood not three feet away. Maribelle got to her feet. No, he thought it must be Alec. Caleb stood not in fear, in defense for the real sweet Maribelle. It doesn’t matter either way, this is a Dream.
They didn’t move at all. How many of them are there? “Die freak of evil.’’ One said. There voice wasn’t nearly cold as their appearance. Maribelle hissed out her fury. “Get back!’’ her teeth shone in the light.
Chapter 2 dark hatred.
When they didn’t move she bared more teeth at the dark figures. “You must see, you can’t live.’’ Only the one that talked stepped forward. “I have to clean up my mistakes.”” He added to silent’s her. She thought a moment. ‘’How can such a handsome thing create me?’’
She held her horrible hands to him. “Well you see if I gave you blood back, than this whole thing can be resolved.”” “Gavin.’’ She stared “You can spend forever with me. Don’t you want that?’’ he said while reaching for her, and put white hands on her shoulders. It was a very ugly scene. Caleb was surprise that some one that looked royal can stand to flirt with a corpse. “Don’t you want forever with the man you love and long to be with?’’ Gavin talked, but Maribelle never responded. “I’m sorry we didn’t do this the civil way, I was dying of hunger.’’ “Gavin you are truly evil, to the deep core. I know I shouldn’t have helped you. You are evil incarnate. I can’t love evil that can’t love at all.’’ Maribelle tilted head to see his reaction, she looked into the cape. “You can’t even cry.’’ It seemed like she was irritating him. Peeking at his most enter mind. “I will not turn you into- back; until you love me.’’ His voice sound very mean. “Then it looks like I die.’’ She added. “I knew it would come, the darkness will always rule, but I will never give into it I’m so sorry Caleb, I love you but I got greedy. I hated seeing you with Emma. You probably didn’t even like her. You always have known her.’’ She admitted shyly. “Gavin you know I will never give in without a fight, right?’’ “Yes, and I understand. I would too, not give in.’’ Caleb backed away; he could not watch Maribelle die. “Caleb, please don’t go.’’ Maribelle eyes followed him.
Chapter 3 not good enough.
“My dear, let the coward of a man go. This is settled between us darling.’’ He forced her into his cape, making her completely disappear.
Caleb didn’t know what was going to happen next because he ran. The pace never slowed until he remembered he was running headlong into Oxward forest. ‘I’m so stupid!’ he hit the side of the willow tree causing its bark scattering in all directions. He knew what was going though their minds. After (or even if.) they killed the so called Maribelle they would come for him. He knew they were the ones that were testing dead corpses and mutating them. They knew he knew. He was over, or worst, their test subject.
He rested his body against the willow. It was a fit ending, him dying by the women he never loved. She loved him totally and he; he loved some other. Was it a sin to lead a woman on if you had no intention caring for her? No, he cared about her; just not love.
Galloping hoofs echoed near him; and drawing closer. Caleb edged around the willow. He was scared to even breathe. These soul-less being were coming for his flesh. The wanted to kill him and revive him so he could be damned for eternity. The sound stopped. Only the brushing of leaves told that time hadn’t stopped too.
He released his breathe. Then waited more, minutes maybe.
Time moved to slow and his body was eager. He looked around the murky tree.
“Thump!”’ an axe collided with the tree. Shortly a hollow thud sound as a head hit the floor.

The author's comments:
A horror-ish story. (Zombies included with a side of romance.)This is one of my first submitt so please comment!!! Thanks for reading!!!

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