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twenty one

October 15, 2010
By QuinnLivley BRONZE, Wellston, Michigan
QuinnLivley BRONZE, Wellston, Michigan
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When you look back at your life,make sure you have something worth looking at.

Febuary 13th, 2000, 1:27pm. I lay frozen against the building side in an alley way of busy manhattan. He thought he had done his job, but the truth is im just really good at playing dead. He found me walking home from the libary. The roar of his van i missed over the thumping of my own music. With the ear buds cramed down into my ears and my face shoved into my newly discoovered book I didnt see him stalking slowly behind me.He crept along like a furious hunter stalking his prey and then he attacked. His large forearm reached around my neck and began choking me, choking every breath i sucked in. The stranger dragged me into the alley.I remember telling myself that there was no way in h*** that he was gonna take my life. "Im getting out of here alive, I hope you know" i said to him and with a bright smile he replied "will see about that". From his pocket he retreived a knife and stabbed me. He punctured my skin, my chest and stomach.I remembered my brother telling me ' if you ever got stabbed,to remain clam DON'T tense up' so I closed my eyes and relaxed. I opened my eyes and watched lazyily as he took the last blow. Seven stabs and i fell to the ground laying on my back, looking up and away from his horrid face."GET UP" he yelled but I couldn't move. With brute force he kicked me, the rest was a blur as I went out of consciousness. When I woke, I astoundingly walked a quarter of a mile to the nearest hospital... and thats where I died. Six broken ribs, seven stabs,a broken nose and seven other bones broken in my hands and arms.It took twenty-one seconds to take me and twenty-one minutes to kill me and twenty -one broken bones. He may have killed me, but this is far from being over.

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