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October 21, 2010
By shellbi123 SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
shellbi123 SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
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Her name is Naomi, she stand’s 5’8, shortest in her group, and she is 14 years old, the youngest of her group. Naomi has dark brown hair that’s about shoulder length long, which goes good with her oval shaped head and her thin, whimpy shoulders. She has bright blue eyes. Naomi has rough skin, with scars all over her. Her scars are mainly from abuse, and getting into fights. The first fight she got into was with her ex- best friend, Sky.
“Okay then sky, if you think you can beat me up then let’s goes right now!”
“No I have no reason to fight you, although I am stronger then you, and I could whoop you like no other.”
“Bull shiz, if you could.”
Then Naomi swung. Naomi won that fight, and after that she knew that fighting is what she was all about. Her favorite food is spaghetti, just like Laceys. When Naomi walks, she walk’s really fast. As she walks past you, you can smell her perfume really clearly. She always smells like bubble gum, and fruit mixed together, or some sort of combination like that. Naomi is sort of the leader of the group; everbody follows her, and listens to her. Naomi’s clothing is really raggedy. I don’t know when the last time was that her parents bought her new clothing.
“Hey, mom I really need a knew pair of jeans, all mine are covered in wholes from head to toe.” Naomi said.
“No Naomi if you want knew clothes then buy them yourself, with the money you steal.”
Naomi didn’t actually steal money though. Naomi’s dad died when she was 3 months old, and her mother couldn’t handle her so she put her up for adoption. Naomi’s adoptive parents could really care less about her, or what she did.
“Hey mom can I go out for the night.”
“I don’t care Naomi, just leave me alone.”
Naomi doesn’t want to put up with her adoptive parents anymore, so she wants’ to run away with her two best friends, Bentley, and lacey, who also have terrible childhoods.
“okay so meet me at my house tonight around midnight and we will head for the woods” she told her friends.
“Alright.” They both replied.

Bentley has bleach blonde hair; it goes to about the middle of his forehead. He has bright wavy blue eyes. He is 6’2, the tallest of his friends, and he is 15 years old, the oldest too. Bentley has a real sincere smell to him, it smell’s like a teenage boy.
“Hey Bentley, you smell really good.” Susan exclaimed to him. “Oh thanks Susan.”
He is really sweet to. He always has something positive to say to someone or anyone.
“Your looking nice today, Oscar.”
“Oh thank you Bentley, back at ya.”
Bentley skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. He has no scars on him at all, well that we know of. He has the worst taste in the world. He like’s all of the food that Naomi and Lacey hate. His favorite food is Brussels sprouts.
“Hey Lace, NayNay, what do you guy’s want for lunch?”
“Um…. pizza, or tacos.” They replied.
“How about brussel sprouts and corn?” Bentley asked.
“NOOOOOO!!!!!” they both replied.
When Bentley walks, he walk’s like he’s a gansta, but he’s a sisbaby on the inside. He is scared inside and out of spiders, snakes, and ghosts. One time there was a spider in the living room at Laceys house and he wouldn’t go in because he thought it was going to bite him. Bentley dresses like a prep. He always has on Aeropostale, Hollister, or American Eagle. Everybody thinks he is preppy too, but he is just another guy (kind of).
Bentley is the big baby of the group, he might want to do something, but he probably won’t, so basically, he is all talk. Bentley’s girlfriend just broke up with him because she didn’t like the attention that he was giving her, although he known’s how to treat a girl right, and he was giving her all the attention in the world. Bentley is so depressed about it that he wants’ to go, and runaway with his best friends too, he doesn’t care about the consequences, as long as he isn’t at home with his dad.
“Hey Naomi im coming right now, so be ready, Lacey said she’s on her way too.”
Bentley’s mom went into the Air Force when he was 4 years old, she comes back every once in a while but hardly ever. Bentley’s dad doesn’t care about him. His dad is a drunk so Bentley is hardly home because he doesn’t want to be around him.

Lacey has long blonde hair, which is dyed brown under neath, her hair goes past the middle of her back. She is 5’9, the middle height in the group, and she is 14 and 6 months old, she’s middle age of the group too. Lacey’s skin is in the middle of smooth and rough, she has scars, but not as many as Naomi has. All of her scars are from her mother.
“Nothing now get out of here now.”
Lacey didn’t move. Her mother got up and kicked her in the leg with her high heel, which left a whole in lacey’s leg. Her mom didn’t even take her to the doctors for it.
Her favorite food is also spaghetti. She has liked spaghetti since she could remember.
“Hey Nay let’s make some spaghetti.”
“No Lacey we made it yesterday, and the day before that.” Naomi replied.
Lacey has a tendency to walk as slow as a dying turtle on Christmas. You can tell her to walk faster, but as hard as she tried, she just never has enough energy.
“Come on Lacey move it your keeping the line waiting.” Jose said.
“Sorry I can’t walk much faster.”
Lacey dresses really nice, and proper. She doesn’t like looking raggedy, or preppy, but as if she is going to work as the President someday.
In the group lacey is more of a follower, she doesn’t care what their doing, so she will just do it to, so like a risk-taker. Her eyes’ are as blue as the Pacific. Everybody say’s her eyes are the prettiest eye’s in the world, once you start looking at them, you can’t look away, but she doesn’t believe it, she has to have proof to believe anything. When Naomi told her she had a spider on he back, she didn’t believe it until she went to a mirror and found out for herself. You would think that after “finding out for yourself” you would start believing other people, but not lacey. Obviously she has trust issues, which she does, with her mother.
Lacey’s mother is a drug addict and she abuses lacey with her own pain. One morning around 4:00 am lacey’s mom was screaming, and lacey went into her dark bedroom to see what she was screaming for and her mother pushed her into the wall then dragged her into the kitchen where she cut her foot open with a nail, just to do. Yea that’s right she did it for no reason. That was the day that lacey got sick of home and decided she wanted to be on her own, so she all for running away.
“Okay so, I’m on my way over right now, when I get there be ready to go, because I don’t think we should be waiting around.” Lacey told Naomi and Bentley.
Lacey’s father died in a car accident before she was born. That was when her mother started doing drugs.

Lacey arrived at Naomi’s tree house in the back yard, and they were on their way to go. They didn’t know where they were going, but they were going somewhere other than here. Lacey was starting to freak out and she went back home,
“Okay guys I’m sorry, but I need to go back, I will be in major trouble with my mom if she finds out.”
“Whatever lacey, just get out of here.” Naomi yelled
“Yea just leave, BYE.” Bentley said back.
Although they weren’t even out of town yet.
“Okay so we lost one are we losing you to Bentley?”
“No” he replied.
Naomi went in to the store to get some a few things for the road, when she came back out someone was kidnapping Bentley, she didn’t wan to call they cop’s because they would want to know why she was out here so late, so she kept on going and never came back. 3 weeks later someone found her body lying in the middle of the street. She had been stabbed 3 times in the chest. 1 week later, Lacey’s mother had found out about her trying to runaway and killed her with a fork. Bentley was never found, but then again did his father ever even file a report?

The author's comments:
this is the 1st mystery story that i wroteg. it's about 3 kids that don't like home. you'll have to read the rest to see what happens.

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