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Cory's Story

November 16, 2010
By princess101 SILVER, Boise, Idaho
princess101 SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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a dog will leave a paw print in ur pocket.

“Daddy we’re home!” Emma yells.

“Daddy? Daddy?”

“Daddy where are you?”

Olivia walking into the kitchen is a zombie not knowing what was before her. She found a letter in an envelope on the counter while opening it she heard.

“Hey mommy why is there ketchup all over your bed room floor and bed. Huh o no mommy look at the red goo trailing through your shattered window.”

“Sweaty g-g-g-go get the phone for mommy please. Hurry! Hurry!”

Just as Emma ran to the kitchen to bring Olivia the phone; huh it rang. Ring, ring, ring. Olivia sprinted for the phone.


“Huhhuhhuhhuh,” went the man on the other line breathing heavily.


“I am coming for you!”

“Ahhhhhhhh mommy, mommy!”


Just as Olivia took the phone from Emma all she herd was I am coming for you. Over, and over. Again, and again.

Beep, beep, beep, beep.

“Hello this being recorded how may I help you?” asked woman on the other line.

“Huh m-m-m-my husband was slaughtered. A trail of blood is trailing through our bed room out a shattered window, and down the fire escape, with a billion pigeon feathers all over!”

“A guy called us and just said I am coming for you!”

“Okay madam calm down. We will be there as soon as we can.”

Beep ring beep ring. Went the sirens rushing down the streets of Boise Idaho. Just as detective Jorgensen and Lennon got to the house.

“Can you come down to the station with us to answer a few questions?”

“Sure. Come on Emma.”

“Jorgensen we found these in the sink. A pair of bloody boots and a bloody knife.”

Just as they got the evidence, they found a suspect. Ben Jenson. Olivia’s older son.

As detective Lennon and Jorgensen went to the optopsey room, they found a pair of dead pigeon’s feet in the neck of the victim. They also found out who the killer was. It was Ben Jenson. They found out because they found his finger prints on the murder weapon. They also found his DNA on a shattered picture of Cory on the sand doons in Hawaii.

In court Ben got sentenced to death row. Emma was a baby being killed slowly.

“Where’s my daddy? Where’s my brother going? Mommy!”

As Olivia, Emma, and their family went to the cemetery for Cory’s funeral. Who stood big, tall, and buff as a Bulldog chasing after a mail carrier on a bright spring morning? It was Ben with a dead pigeon and with the same knife as he slashed up Cory with.

DUNT –DUNT- DUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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