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Diary of a Nocturnal Madman: My Encounters with the Shadow Creatures

November 19, 2010
By Firebringer17 GOLD, Mayfield HTS, Ohio
Firebringer17 GOLD, Mayfield HTS, Ohio
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To whom it may concern:
If you are reading this then I have died a horrible death. Most likely because of the horrible things that haunt me; for you see, whenever I go to sleep at night, strange and peculiar events occur wherever I am. They could be harmless to deadly beyond all measure, and everything in between. But during the day I had a normal life; good grades, loving parents, great friends, I was fairly happy I might say. But when I would go to bed, I was relentlessly badgered by paranormal attacks. Such horrible terrors had plagued me for so long that it drove me insane. So to preserve my sanity, I wrote down these events for my story to be told one day. My diary: a diary of a nocturnal madman.

I believe this all happened when I was a small child, I was five years old at the time, and had recently gotten rid of my nightlight. Oh how I cherished it, the beacon of light that forever illuminated my chambers of slumber, a safe haven in the corner of my room that protected me from the boogieman…how right I was to think of it that way. I was getting used to the darkness, it enveloped my room without relent, trapping my playful child’s cell into a black purgatory. I was trying to get to sleep one night when I saw a shadow in the dark, yes a shadow in the dark, a figure whose body was darker than darkness itself. It lied at the foot of my bed, and opened its six eyes, which glowed bright, crimson-blood red. I stiffened up, wondering if I was asleep, but it was not a dream at all. It sprawled out the rest of its eight legs, revealing its arachnidan origins. It was bigger than a spider, even a tarantula; the black, red-eyed spider was as big as a basketball and crawled toward me. Each leg grabbing the covers to advance across the bedspread, slowly but surely it crept over my knees. Almost speechless, I tried my best to stop it. A small whimper at first, I called for help, then with all my strength, I yelled at the top of my lungs, never taking my eyes off the strange creature. My parents ran into the room with no delay to see what the matter was, at this time the ghastly demon was backing away. My father turned on the light and I saw the shadowy spider disappear in the embrace of the light. I looked under my covers, under the bed but found nothing. My parents said I was just having a bad dream, but I was awake the entire time. But with no evidence to state my claim I could not blame that strange creature, it was gone, and I slept with the nightlight a month more.

For a while, I did not see that horror again, until I grew into a strapping young teenager, my mind was sharp and I was very handsome and polite. I slept in my bed on Friday night, trying to get myself asleep. I had closed my eyes for a while, hoping I would just open them back up and see the sun as if I had jumped through time. I felt sleepy but I was not able to drift off, so I opened my eyes. In the pitch blackness I saw a figure standing over me. It was only my mother and I who lived under the same roof now (my father on a business trip for a few months), but the figure stood taller than my mother, even taller than my father. It loomed over me with the same advanced blackness overlapping its dark surroundings. As soon as I recognized that it was of the same spawn as that terrifying spider, I tried to scream, move or open my mouth, but I could not. I was completely paralyzed, by what, I never knew. The figure revealed its two glowing red eyes, and I was brought back to my traumatic childhood experience. I wanted to scream so badly, I felt like crying, though I could not do that either. I then drifted off to sleep, certain that I was to die.
The next morning I woke up as if everything was fine, I checked my sheets because I felt a warm liquid in my bed. I wondered why I wet myself, as old as I was. I lifted up my sheets to find not urine, but a spot of blood spilt from my abdomen. I immediately remembered last nights encounter, how the shadow being loomed over me as I drifted to sleep, I almost screamed when I found out, this was worse than I imagined. But there was no wound, no opening, not even a vampire would leave this much blood behind, it seemed as if blood was spilled upon my body under the covers or it rather just seeped out from me, like I sweated out the blood.

That day, I went onto my computer to look this up, it seemed like this was something I could look into. I googled, “Shadow people” and got a surprising amount of links concerning shadow people and shadow beings. Many theories say what they are; evil spirits, inter-dimensional visitors, alien abductors, demons from the netherworld, you just couldn’t miss. The shadow creatures paralyze you, for obvious reasons of protection. They say that they are harmless, only curious of our existence, but I have seen their potential. The red-eyed ones are the worse ones, most don’t have the eyes, they just watch. The red-eyed shadow creatures like to touch, poke, prod and toy with the victim’s body. Communication with us is met with simple touch, but our bodies cannot interpret their language, if what you call bombarding your mind with random images language. Some say that they have the power to erase a human off the face of reality, never to have been existent in the first place, this however has no proof, and probably never will.

This discovery both frightened and comforted me, I was not alone, but now I know these creatures were all too real. I went to sleep that night with a nightlight for the first time in years, but that did not stop them. I slept facing away from my open room to my bedroom wall, paralyzed again; I was forced to see a small oval creep on the side of my lit wall, contrasting horrifyingly. It was like watching a shadow puppet show with no actors. Long legs sprawled out of the thing and wiggled profusely like strands of vibrating noodles. The wiggling insect jumped off the wall and onto my once again paralyzed face, curious for me I’m sure. I then felt a sudden stinging sensation, I have not felt anything like it sense to this day. I then saw horrible images, disgusting thoughts of unimaginable things. I screamed…in my head…and drifted back into an uncomfortable slumber. I woke up in the morning again; I remembered the event last night and lied in bed for hours staring at the ceiling. I think that was the day I began to lose my mind little by little.
From then on, the shadow creatures would pay me a visit from time to time, none friendly in the human sense, all with red glowing eyes like the first. I was getting used to their visits, however I never fully got over it. I may never know what these things are, but I began to live with them, no permanent damage was done to me so I suppose they meant no proper harm. But what I see at night still does not make me feel safe; I am never safe. These events that transpire in the night maybe of my imagination, a series of nightmares that seem as real as life itself, or these events are actually happening with no connection to any other human being, only to me for some odd reason. May I be damned or insane, but do not forget my story, it maybe all that I have left in this world that I’ve left behind.

The author's comments:
I have seen these shadow creatures, the first encouter was a real telling of my experience when I was five. The rest are exagerated but I do not refute their existence. Tell me what you think.

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on Dec. 2 2010 at 4:07 pm
RosemarieCraig GOLD, Gloucestershire, Other
19 articles 0 photos 35 comments

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"The world is not inherited from our ancestors. It is borrowed from our children"

I liked it, but I thought the description on what the 'I' found on his google search was a bit out of place.

Otherwise, EXCELLENT!! Well done! x

Mickey_D GOLD said...
on Dec. 1 2010 at 10:40 pm
Mickey_D GOLD, Santa Cruz, California
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Like your other story, I thought this was really good. I agree with Esperanze, don't change anything.

But maybe check hard for grammar and choppy sentences, I'd have to say that every now and then the sentences would be awkwardly worded.

I know that sounds petty, but it actually seriously affects the reading experience, which is pretty much axed every story I read from others. However, you and some few published in the mag have near-perfect flow and such.

Again, great job!

Esperanza GOLD said...
on Nov. 24 2010 at 3:05 pm
Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
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Holy cow! this is rele good and rele intense quite honestly my advice is don't change a thing this is perfect