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Emma's Letter

February 2, 2011
By Niya_Smilees GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Niya_Smilees GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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"Live in the moment because reality hurts."

To who cares,
Maybe life was getting to hard for me, maybe I just didn't understand it.I couldn't do it anymore. As to what i couldn't do, there was a long list. If your reading this that means I was successful at my attempt, or you went in my room and found this. Right now, I'm dead or very close. I wont give up on this. I wasn't meant for the world and I'm very sorry.
Mom,thanks for trying with me. All of this just doesn't work out sometI'mes. Dad,I always hated you from age three, you will soon follow along with me. I will see you in hell.KI'mmie, thank you for being the only one who cared. The only one who listened. I will miss you most of all. You are the best friend a girl like me could ask for.
I'm sad to say I have tried this many tI'mes. Cutting, jumping, burning, it all fails. This tI'me it's going to work. I've mixed them all into one,and added drowning.

I'm sorry for this,

The author's comments:
Watching movie's, listening to music it really get's thing's out of you. Here is Emma's letter and trust me it's not what you think.

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