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Chapter five: A Rescue

July 6, 2011
By CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
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“What is that?!”

Whoa. Protector was taken aback by the sound of his own voice. He had been haphazardly spooked into making a noise of his own. As his eyes softly landed on the limp form of a burnt out sunshine he started to race. He raced time and his own heart beat as he knelt by her side to touch his two fingers to her throat to see if there was a pulse. Bum…… Bum…….

It was pushing through, just barely beating. He prayed quickly, “Oh my God, save her. Give me the strength and courage.” He laid her flat on the browned leaf covered ground unaware of the chains around her neck. Then he put his lips against hers and started to give her his oxygen and lightly pushed her ribcage up and down. Please, please except the air I pleaded as I watched from a distance.

Suddenly, her color rushed into her body like a wave and her eyes flew open as her fragile form bolted upwards. I could see the rage in her eyes. Until they locked with his own. They were incredibly shocked blue gems peering back at her. “Oh thank you Jesus!” he shouted as he lifted his head upward in total elation.

He took notice that she seemed to tense at that name. He flashed a brilliant smile and wrapped his arms around her. She became almost rock solid and she looked very confused. “Who are you?!” she demanded.

“I am Protector. Who are you? What happened? Are you alright??” He was still a little shaken himself, but he was very eager to try and help.

“I am Sunshine. The rest is none of your business. Leave and let me die.”

“What!?! Absolutely not! Please, you are a hidden beauty. Can you not show me what is hurting you?? How could someone that is so full of light be so tormented? I cannot and will not let you die. I will save you.”

“You don’t know what I’ve done. I was a terrible daughter and friend. I don’t deserve life. I am guilty and wrong. Nothing about me is worth saving. If there is a glow from my face it must be a glare. You cannot save me. Only God in you could.”

“You’re right. I will stay with you until you are free and better. But Jesus died and freed you. I know you can be free. I am not leaving so don’t say another word about it.”

She got up and realizing he was being honest, and rather stubborn, she started walking away from him. Cheerfully, he got up and followed. Unknowingly, she would help him and hinder him more then he would know. There was very little talking for a long time as both was lost in their own thoughts. The stars started coming back out to dance and I guess the chemistry between the sky and the sea was creating silent, sparking attraction between these two.

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