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The Revenge of Camella Rudeskii

September 12, 2011
By HeatherPaugh BRONZE, New Palestine, Indiana
HeatherPaugh BRONZE, New Palestine, Indiana
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someday, i'm gonna run accross your mind. but don't worry..i'll be fine. i'm gonna be alright. i'll be over you, and on with my life. take your records take your freedom. take your memories i don't need em. ♥

I died two days ago. The morning I died I was trying to convince my mom to let me go on a camping trip that my friends wanted me to go on because it was my eighteenth birthday..
“Mom, can I please go with Samantha, Kaylee and Pam?”
“Honey, I told you that you have to babysit little Ryan.”
“Fine. But only for the weekend.”
I went to my room and called Pammela, she was my best friend now, and we always talk to each other. Pam has dark brown hair with blue sparkly eyes that glitter in the sunlight. I told her that my mom let me go with her for the weekend. I also told her to call Samantha and Kaylee to tell them. The next morning I woke up with dark brown hair, almost black hair with ocean blue eyes. I got everything together. Samantha came over with my friends and they picked me up and we were on our way to celebrate my eighteenth birthday.
“yay! I can’t believe my mom actually let me go on the camping trip with you guys!” I screamed. We were almost there when we had to stop for a stop light.
“Keep going it’s still yellow.” Muttered Kaylee. We were half way through the light when a drunk driver came through and smashed into my side of the car. I was killed instantly.
“Is everyone ok?” screamed Samantha.
“Yes!” everyone said except for me.
“Wait, Camella didn’t say she was ok!” Pam replied. Pam then looked back and saw that there was blood all around my seat. They knew I was dead. I could hear them talking in the background over my thinking. Kaylee was telling Pammela and Samantha that they should just bury me and not tell my parents! How could they do this to me?? Not tell my parents and act like it never happened! I was furious, I demanded revenge! They went to the Galileo graveyard and buried me. “Ok we buried her, now what?” Kaylee said.
“Um. I think we should call her parents and tell them what happened.” Replied Pam.
“No! If we tell her parents we will go to jail! Let’s just call her mom saying that we got trapped in traffic and we won’t be back until Thursday that gives us a week to think about it.” Samantha replied.
“That sounds good, I guess.” Pam mumbled.
“Sam, you’re going to call Cami’s mom since you can do her voice the best.” Kaylee suggested.
“Hey mom, um...well... we won’t be back until Thursday because the road go washed away and we have to wait until they repair it.”
“Ok honey, I’ll see you then.”
She hung up the phone and started walking back to the campground. I decided to meet them there even though I was a spirit. My plan was to kill Samantha first because she was driving and ran the red light which caused this! I was sitting in the tent waiting for them. Samantha decided to take a nap because she was driving all day.
“Perfect!” I screamed.
“Who’s there? Kaylee, are you in there?”
“No! It’s not Kaylee. It’s Camella.”
“Haha, very funny Kaylee, but Cami’s dead I killed her this afternoon.”
“Yes. I know you killed me.”
“Kaylee stop! You’re freaking me out! I know your just playing around with me so stop!”
“I already told you! I’m not Kaylee! Why would I lie to you Samantha?”
Sam realized I may be right since I was the only one in the group who called her by her real name.
“Ok! …I believe you.” At that point I grabbed a tent pole and shoved it through her eye socket.
“Sam! Are you ok? You haven’t come out for at least an hour!” Kaylee worried. As Kaylee opened the tent door and screamed in horror as she saw Sam, her best friend who has bleach blonde hair with morning green eyes, dead. She was all full of blood that was oozing from the popped eye socket that was connected to the tent pole. She wondered who could do this! Kaylee is usually very mean looking along with her glowing ice cold hazel with a touch of red eyes. People call her a devil because her eyes are like on fire which goes great with her red hair. When she saw Samantha laying there her eyes was not her normal color. They looked ice cold green, a sick looking green. Pammela walked in and knew that she was going to puke. She looked at Kaylee and saw that she didn’t look like her normal self.
“Kaylee? Are you ok?” Pam said a little frightened.
“N...Noo. My best friend was murdered!!!! How do you think I feel?” she screamed.
“I know exactly how you best friend was murdered too! Were both eighteen, we live at least two hours away from home, how are we going to get home?” Pam replied.
“Take Sam’s car!” she screamed.
I knew that Kaylee was devastated she looked like she has just been dumped by the guy she loved. But she wasn’t, her best friend was murdered by me. I decided to get out of the tent and get into the car. I figured I could get Kaylee alone and “talk” to her. We were on our way to get something to eat.
“Perfect.” I muttered. Kaylee was sitting in the front seat painting her nails. I grabbed her nail file. I grabbed her and slit her throat. She screamed but I honked the horn so no one could hear her. I sat in the back seat waiting for Pam to bring Kaylee’s food. I was excited to see my best friend’s reaction because I actually hated Kaylee but I never actually told her. “Yes!” I screamed excitedly. Pam walked to the car and opened the door. Kaylee’s body fell out and her head was decapitated and rolled underneath the car.
“AHHHHHHH! OH MY GOD! WHO IS DOING THIS?!” Pam screamed. She dropped the tray she was holding and ran! She ran for two hours. She ran all the way home. By the time she got home it was three in the morning, she burst into her house.
“Pammela? I thought you weren’t coming home until Thursday? Why do u look like you have been running for hours?” her mom said.
“ Mom I ran home, I couldn’t stand it! My friends are dead I had to get out of there! They were murdered I don’t want that to happen to me!”
“I’m sure your all worked up about nothing just go to bed and we will talk about this tomorrow.” Mom replied. She went to her bedroom and laid in her bed. “im happy to be home!” Pammela sighed. “It’s all over!” she thought. She walked over to her dresser and noticed something in her window. She opens the curtain and screams in horror as she read:
Written in blood with a knife on the window sill.

The author's comments:
Four friends go on a camping trip to celebrate Camella's 18th birthday. they accideltly kill her and they keep it a secret. what the don't know is that Camella has come back for revenge!

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on Sep. 22 2011 at 5:11 pm
HeatherPaugh BRONZE, New Palestine, Indiana
1 article 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
someday, i'm gonna run accross your mind. but don't worry..i'll be fine. i'm gonna be alright. i'll be over you, and on with my life. take your records take your freedom. take your memories i don't need em. ♥

ummzz.. i really dont know i will decide. maybe..

thevilylloj said...
on Sep. 22 2011 at 5:04 pm
Heather! It's me, Jolly. This is rather spooky, but I like it a lot! Is there going to be a next chapter??