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She Wakes Up!

December 8, 2011
By pudgydog2893 SILVER, Attica, New York
pudgydog2893 SILVER, Attica, New York
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As my eyes flutter open, I see that I’m in a dark graveyard; I see and hear nothing, but I can feel a certain presence. I get the feeling of being watched; it feels like my stomach dropped outside of my body as my heart begins to beat faster. The wind blows and makes my body shiver. The goose bumps travel to the back of my neck. “Is it really the wind, or was there an evil spirit somewhere?” I thought to myself. I didn’t know how to answer the question so I decided to walk home.

As I walk home I still feel the presence as if it was following me from the graveyard. I thought I was over thinking things, since I hate walking home in the dark, but I heard a stick break behind me. I quickly turn around to see me staring at nothing but the street lights down the road.

“Snap!” I hear a sound behind me and start to get scared. I walked towards my house. Whoever was following had the plan to scare me so bad I would never forget it; it was working. I was getting so scared I could feel my heart in my throat.
As I start running toward home I can almost see it in sight; the snapping continues behind me. The snapping gets more constant; I guess that’s what I get for living so close to the woods. The snaps start going every few seconds like something heavy who didn’t know how to watch where he steps was following me home.
As I reach my house, I feel the relief only for a minute. Then I realize no one is home. I forgot that my brother was staying at a friend’s house for the weekend, and my mom and dad are both working overnight.
I turn on the TV and start microwaving leftovers for dinner, and i start to calm down a little. I thought that since I was home, whoever was following me would give up and go back to whatever they were doing. All of a sudden my weird feeling came back as I started feeling light headed.
“Woof!” My dog Rocky started to bark, which was funny because he only barks at strangers and when someone knocks on the door. I listened carefully for knocking, but I heard nothing. The wind must have taken the screen door and slammed it against the house, but it wasn’t windy out. I suddenly remembered seeing leaves move outside at the graveyard, but I don’t recall a wind.
My dog barks again as I realize he’s staring at the stairs in a pounce-like stance. He started growl and bark uncontrollably at the stairs. I go over and try to get him to stop. “Rocky, knock it off; no one is here but us,” I yelled by accident as I was starting to get freaked out.
All of a sudden the TV turned off; I knew it wasn’t a fuse because the light was still on in the living room. I turned the TV back on to look for something good to watch, but as soon as I turned it on; it shut off. I turned it back on again just to see it shut back off. I assumed something must be wrong with the TV. I turned around to see that the lights in the kitchen were flickering. I ignored it at first until it started to annoy me. I walked up to it and tightened it; it was nothing to be scared of, just a loose light bulb.
I needed to calm down; I decided to eat the dinner I warmed in the microwave. While I sit on the couch eating, I hear footsteps on the stairs. My brother must be home and I just didn’t know it. I go upstairs only to find no one once again.
I walk down stairs to sit on the couch, and when I do the rocking chair next to me started moving. I jumped and spit out a large amount of reheated spaghetti.
I wasn’t sure why all this random stuff was happening, but it had me freaking out. I decided to just clean up the kitchen and go to bed so I didn’t have to think about it.
As I get ready for bed, I get a cold chill down my back again, and I can see my breath; the feeling of fear just took over. I start to run down the stairs and out of the house before realize that I can’t go anywhere this late at night; it was almost eleven o’clock.
I head back towards the house, and realize that I left the door open. As I get closer to the door, it slams shut right in my face. I am reaching for the door handle to let myself in when I see a dark shadow standing in the living room.

Rocky is going nuts, as the dark human-like figure starts to play with him. I opened the door and screamed as loud as I could. The figure stopped and disappeared, but all of a sudden the lights start to flicker and the house started shaking like crazy.
Pictures began to fall off the wall. I went to grab my cell phone so I could call for help while I waited outside. I ran towards the door and it slammed shut. I tried to open it but, it wouldn’t budge. I finally got the door open as I start to run out the door, I pass out. When I next awake, I find myself to be in the very same graveyard I was in before.

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