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House of Horrors - Intro

January 24, 2012
By Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
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Down a dark hall, turn left, down a darker hall, open the door at the very end. Every building has this path, but only a few can see it. Most never go down it. Only a few that go in the door ever come out. None ever talk about what they saw. No-one would believe them, anyways.

Juliana wasn’t in a rush. In fact, she was stalling. Anything but school. I don’t want to take finals. That’s when she noticed it. A dark hall she’s never seen before. Peering down it, she decided it was a good excuse. Oops, guess I’m lost, she giggled to herself, stepping into the hall.
This is longer than it looks. She felt along the walls, fingers searching for a dead end, turn, or door. They found a left turn, which Juliana took. It’s getting even darker… She got the feeling she should turn back, but her curiousity kept her moving forward.
When she reached the end, her hand clasped around a knob she didn’t know was there, and twisted it open. She walked into the nothingness beyond, a strange – and somewhat terrifying – force pulling her towards it. Whatever it is.

Justin hated school. With a passion. Especially boarding schools. Especially the stuck-up rich, snobby, and strict boarding schools his parents always sent him to. Him, the ‘troubled’ child. I need a way out of this place, he told himself. An escape.
And that’s when he noticed the dark hallway. Usually he’d pass things like this by, but it seemed to call out to him. Teling him to go down it. So he did. He strutted down the increasingly dark hallway, completely comfortable in the dark. He had always favored the dark. Maybe that’s why he was considered ‘troubled’.
Justin flung the door wide open, not caring that he hadn’t even known it was there until he touched it. Not caring that he heard a schrill scream from the main hall.

Maire sighed, going into the McDonald’s deep freezer for more buns. Why did it end up like this? I should be in college! If only Nathan had never left. If only he hadn’t left Mom and I with all this debt and his evil sons… Stalkling out with bun-bags in hand, she noticed a hall – no, a corridor – that was out of place.
Dropping the bags, she sprinted for the darkness. Hearing steps behind her, she sped up and reached the end of the hall in no time.
“Don’t open it!” A male voice she didn’t recognize shouted. She flinched, and opened it. “You idiot!” He shouted. Again, she flinched and ran into the dark room, half out of terror, half out of a mysterious force.

Ruana’s the top student. Highest grades, all GT, first chair first violin in the top orchestra at her boarding school. She wasn’t snobby, like some of the other girls at her school. She didn’t care that her family was one of the wealthiest.
What she did care about, however, was arranged marriage. The thought of it made her shudder. I only have eyes for one person. Justin. Something about him made her watch. Maybe it was how rebellious he was.
Ruana had never once done a single rebellious thing in her life.
There he is! Why’s he going down that hall? How long has that been there? I’ve never noticed it before… Taking a deep breath, she did the first rebellious thing in her seventeen years. She followed him. Slowly, yes, but she followed.
And ran away before she could turn the corner. The hall was something sinister. She could feel it. But something pulled her back before she made it out of the hallway, and she screamed. High pitch, hoping someone would hear.

Skye handed the distressed mother her Happy Meal. She thanked him and left, dragging a screeching toddler with her.
I need to go back to college and finish. But how will I get the money? His gaze wandered to Maire, a very bright sixteen-year-old who was going through major financial issues. And how can I keep an eye on her? He didn’t like her or anything, but he felt… responsible for her.
Out of nowhere, she started sprinting. What the…? The hallway! Running, he kept behind her, following her into the cursed hallway.
“Don’t open it!” Skye shouted at her once they were at the end. She did. “You idiot!” He ran after her, knowing what lay beyond.

The author's comments:
Well, this is my 'psycho story' that I started... last year... during a test. I'm wondering how good the intro is... and whether I should put this story online. And if I do, whether it should be a 'novel' or just a bunch of short stories.

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