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February 15, 2012
By Jayanna SILVER, Quebec, Other
Jayanna SILVER, Quebec, Other
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The bathroom stalls were falling apart and the toilet seats were rusting. The bathroom sink had cracks in it and the faucet no longer provided water. The mirroir above the sink was cracked and we could no longer see our reflection.

« You know what they say about this place, dont you? »

I jumped at the sound of a stranger’s voice. I swayed and saw her.

She was wearing a greenish type of cloak and had the palest skin I’d ever seen. Her eyes were droopy looking and her thick arched eyebrows were too high above her eyes.Her lips were too thin and didn’t fit the rest of her sad looking face. She had a pug nose. Further down her face, found her cheek bone with creases deep within. And then I noticed something odd about her eyes I hadnt noticed before, they were burgundy.

«They say that this is a a scary place, I dont think so. »

I swallowed hard . A knot was forming in my throat .The girl took her left hand out from under her cloak and started bitting her disgusting nails. She had bony fingers with scarred warts. Her eyes were gleaming at me. Her lips formed a crooket smile. Then she bit her lip. Her face suddenly looked twisted.

« They say… » She slowly came my way. « That this place is haunted » She whispered in my ear.

I started loosing my ability to breath right.

« Behind this rest stop is a hunted forest my dear, where many , many, people have died but the reason has’nt yet been found. They think it might be a serial killer but most people are stupid , they always believe in concret stuff. They never think , as I like to say , « outside the box. »

I couldnt breath anymore. I held on to the wall behind me. I couldnt keep my eyes open. And then, everything went black.
I woke up and looked around. Only blackness .And a silhouette. It became ample. Suddenly it became tactile and I felt her nails digging in my skin. I yelled so loud that she covered my mouth. Her hand had a nauseating smell.

« Some even say that this forest is known for many killings»

My eyes bulged. Her weapon to keeping me quiet was making me sick.

« And some people say they have claimed to have seen a crazy old lady wondering this forest at night time. But I say they have too much imagination. »

That phrase was officially the last straw. With all of my might I kicked her in the stomach,bit her hand and started running. It was pitch black.. As I was running I heard from a distance a sharp cry in the woods but I ignored it.

« They say the vicitm’s first move is to run away but most victims are stupid. They don’t think , like how I like to say , outside the box. » The crazy old lady had jumped right in front of me.

I pushed her away. Running away with tears in my eyes. Her spine-chilling voice lingered in my mind.

« MOST PEOPLE WILL START CRYING AS THEY RUN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! » Her voice boomed all around me.I looked around ,but she was nowhere to be found.


I clamped my hands around my ears but her voice kept ringing .

And then there she was. Standing before me. Her lips made a crooket smile. As if she knew something I didnt.Her eyes glimmered.I felt so vulnerable.. She approached me slowy.

« Most people regret coming to this rest stop. »

My lips were trembling , my fear made me shake . Her eyes were still on me.

« Most people loose hope at this point and wonder why I know all of this. And everytime , this is what I answer them »

She took her last step and found herself directly in my face. My facial expresion was’nt hiding anything.

« You arent the first nor the last. I am not a murderer but let me just say, goodnight »

And wth that I felt very sleepy , dizzy and suddenly everythign went pitch black , just like the hunted forest.

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