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Glassy Eyed Doll

March 5, 2012
By AllaynaRajkumar SILVER, Cape Town, Other
AllaynaRajkumar SILVER, Cape Town, Other
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The sky was draped in black when my eyes had fluttered opened. Where was I? Who am I? These questions repeated over and over. I look to my left and all i see is a pool of scarlet liquid, blood. Who's blood is it? To my right lay a simple doll, the beady eyes scanning my every move, almost as if it is watching me. "it was you...." a raspy voice whispered in my mind.
"your my doll now!" the raspy voice boomed causing me to feel light headed.

I averted my eyes back to the doll only to find it gone. Looking back to the pool of blood, the doll lay there, black hair soaking in the blood.
"your my doll now..." is finally murmured before everything went black.

I woke up with a gasp, looking around my familiar room, desk by the window, posters on the walls, but something caught my eye, in the corner of my room lay the doll from my dream, sitting there mocking me with her glassy eyes. Memories flooded my mind of the doll, it was mine. It was my 7th birthday, my aunt had bought me the doll and soon after she disappeared. The doll that I named Ebony, would tell me to do things, whisper things to me telling me "go...go and kill her while she in vulnerable" or "take was yours...or should i say it is yours...". I had lost Ebony when i had moved 4 years ago, and never saw her until now.

"i'm back...time for revenge.." her innocent voice hissed

The author's comments:
I just began to write this out of nowhere, it just came to me!

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