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There Is A Hell, Believe Me, I’ve Seen It…There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It

March 7, 2012
By Morgoroth SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
Morgoroth SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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Curled up in a ball, I sat in the corner bashing my head against the wall. Pain came in short waves and then receded into the blankness. I sat alone, the lights shattered by the book I threw at the chandelier leaving the room black as the darkest night. I felt as if a great weight had been put onto my heart and was slowly crushing me and my will to live. The fish tank on my dresser was full of dead fish that floated to the top producing the pleasant aroma of death and decay making the room appear even more bleak. I decided to trudge out of my room and find the sharpest knife in the kitchen. I slowly pulled a drawer open and beheld the arrangement of objects within. I reached to the very back where I kept the cleaver. I proceeded back to the room and went back to the corner.

Back in corner I started to slowly dig the knife into my flesh until blood started to flow. A slow trickle at first, then it started to drip at a fast steady pace. I got up and walked to the middle of my room, I grasped my wrist and started slowly walking in a circle letting the blood drip down my hand. I cut my arm and used the blood to finish the pentagram stepping back I looked down to admire my work, everything was in order. I crept out of the room and padded my way down the hallway towards the bathroom where I kept my candles and incense. Grabbing the supplies I went back to my room and arranged the candles to outline the pentagram and lit the incense with my lighter. With careful articulation I uttered the words "Send me within the nether reaches of the world."

I awoke with my face pressed against the cold remains of a child, whose legs were tore apart at the flesh, revealing the bone within. Its arms were burned and cut while the body reeked of gunpowder and decay. The head had one lidless eye that stared into my soul, conjuring tortures unimaginable. The other eye was hanging out of the socket and looked around this way and that. Then it spoke; "Careful traveler, death comes slowly here beware the tortures that await you." with that, I kindly rammed my foot into its skull and ripped its jaw from its mouth. Maggots started cascading out the child's body as it rattled its jaw against its collarbone. I looked around, spires of human skeletons rose 200 feet in the air, flames shot out of the ground around me, half decomposed corpses littered the ground, waterfalls of magma came crashing through the roof of and drained into a basin that led to a river with blood-colored water. I took a step forward and my foot was grabbed by a cold bony hand. It pulled me to the ground and as I looked back I realized the ground itself was made of charred bodies that were half alive. The thing that pulled me down was missing a jaw and had both eyes dangling out of its crushed eye sockets. The top of its skull was caved in showing maggots and bits of brain inside, it's intestines we're dragging behind as it crawled towards me. The entire lower body had been ripped off, its cold mangled hands were covered in scabs and cuts, and the bone was showing under the greying flesh. I remembered the knife I had; I reached in my jacket and took it out. Firmly grasping the handle, I turned it upside down and rammed it into the creatures decayed skull, black blood spurted onto my face and hands as the creature went limp.

My pale skin was specked with black and my dark clothes were ripped in many places, and my short dark hair was sticking up. I decided to walk to the nearest spire and try to find my way out of this place. Nearing the tower, I found a bridge made of the bodies of infants lashed together with spikes and chains. Treading across I came to the main courtyard. To my left and right were waterfalls of blood pouring down into pools that the corpses crawled to and drank from and at the gate to the spire two guards stood at sentry. Standing 7 feet tall, their black and crimson armor absorbed all light making them look like huge shadows, three horns jutting out of their skulls. Their faces were all bone; no flesh covered the bleached bone. I charged into the first ones chest with my knife and wrenched it down spilling his insides onto the floor before he knew what happened. He fell clutching at his wound trying to close it. The other guard drew his sword. The long curved blade was a dark shade of blue; the hilt has made to look like a bone. He slashed towards my head and I barely had time to duck the blow and counter with my own slash at his knees. He jumped back and swung again. I intercepted his blade with my knife and the knife shattered into small pieces and the force of the blow threw me backwards. I landed on the warm body of the other guard. As he approached me, I slowly felt for the sword that the dead guard had on his corpse. The guard that was still alive swung downwards, I rolled out of the way and pulled the sword out of the sheath of the dead guard and cut the last guard down at the knees, then got up and decapitated him. I decided I would try to disguise myself, so I stripped one of the guards and donned his heavy black armor. Running to the gate I pushed it open and slipped inside.

The interior of the spire was covered in displays of brutality; children being burned alive, pregnant women made to cut themselves open and kill the infant within, people being skinned and then dunked in barrels of salt, people being shoved into holes filled with saws that cut them into little bits and were then fed to their families that were watching mournfully. The floor was paved with random body parts that were left over from their sick games. Taking a left I went up the spiral stair case of human remains while enjoying the smell of death for a short minute and then continued to the lab room. Inside the lab, I found children being pulled slowly apart by chains with weights attached to them as the children they above the floor. Men being grafted together after being cut in half and women being bathed in acid. One of the women was just doused in acid and she ran to me when she saw me; "A human!!!!" she shouted. The skin was burned off her bones and all she was a skeleton that could talk. Bits of flesh and meat hung loosely from her body as she grabbed my shoulders and then fell back onto the ground where she melted to a thick pool. I vomited and ran out of the room, sprinting the rest of the way up the stairs I made it to the roof.

The roof was jagged on the edges and a solitary creature sat upon a pedestal in the middle of the spires roof. Quietly I approached it, as I neared the creature it turned around. Its skin was a mottled green and it had 8 pure white eyes that shined in the dark. Its jaws were the size of a watermelon and its teeth were in rows and sharp as nails. It had large leathery wings that spread 20 feet around it. It stood 10 feet tall and was covered in sinewy muscle. It rose from the pedestal and blocked my way. Then it drew a sword that was 6 feet long and was completely black, its jagged edges covered the entire straight blade. I drew my sword and the creature let out a guttural noise that almost shattered my ear drums. I charged at it and delivered a stab at its knee; it didn't even blink. It kicked me with its clawed foot and sent me sprawling onto the floor. I felt as if my ribs had been crushed and my organs ground to dust. As the creature drew near however, I rose to my feet and slashed at its gut. It swung it's sword at me and I rolled out of the way behind the pedestal. An idea hit me; I climbed the pedestal and waited for the demon to approach me. When it was close, I jumped onto its shoulders. It opened its maw and I rammed my sword down the demons throat. Its black blood shot out like a fountain, and it started to burn through my clothes like an acid, my flesh was burning. I fell to my knees and screamed as the pain enveloped me, I passed out. Countless moments later, I was roused by the sound of explosions echoing in the distance, the other spires were falling down and crushing those beneath. Running to the pedestal I found a button, when I pressed it a portal opened. I limped to the portal and passed through as the spire collapsed beneath me.
I arrived back in the pathetic world we live on and I decided to clean up my mess. The smell of decay was no longer as welcoming as it once was, life was still unbearable but I didn't want to go back there. I went back to my corner and rocked myself to sleep, as I muttered to myself in a language I didn't understand. My eyes turned black, my body started to wither, my skin turned a charred black and started to shrivel, my breathing became labored, my life flashed by my eyes. Suddenly a realization that I had wasted my life dawned on me and then the world turned black.

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