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The Bear's Den

July 9, 2012
By Matt_Mc BRONZE, Johnstown, Ohio
Matt_Mc BRONZE, Johnstown, Ohio
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The RV pulled into a gas station where it stopped at a gas tank. Five girls got out of the RV and looked about, relieved to be outside. There was nothing around the station but trees. It was a hot and sunny day. The driver took a pump and began fueling the RV. She had blond hair in a pony tail, a dark but friendly face and a curved body.

"Hey Lalah! Go collect some cash from everyone to pay for the gas and then get us some more drinks and snacks" she said.

"All right" Lalah said.

She went to the rest of the girls. Lalah had wavy blond hair and a face of freckles. She had a very defined body and round features.

"All right everyone, I need some cash to pay for the gas and get some snacks. You're all on this trip so pay up!" she said.

"What if I don't want any snacks?" said one of the girls.

"Then you can starve the whole trip, Jessica! But you still gotta pay gas" said Lalah.

Jessica and the other girls handed over some cash and Lalah went into the gas station. It was small but air conditioned. There was a restroom that Lalah used which was better than the bumpy RV. Lalah searched through picking out energy drinks, water, chips, trail mix and granola bars. The place was empty but looked like it could afford to accommodate long traveler's needs. She went to the cashier's desk and placed everything down. The cashier stood behind the desk and behind her were newspaper articles of recent events in nearby towns. Everyone had gone back into the RV.

"Going on a trip?" the clerk said.

"Yes. My girlfriends and I are camping out in Haven Forest just a few miles up. We've been traveling for a couple hours now" said Lalah.

The clerk's name tag read: Kayla. Kayla was a bulky women about the same age as Lalah and her friends. She had no definition in her body and had stingy hair. She wore dark red lipstick on lips that smiled like a cat who had cornered a rat. But when Lalah had mentioned Haven forest, her smile vanished.

"Haven Forest? People have died in that forest. Bear attacks. I'm sure you'll be fine, but just a heads up" Kayla said.

"Oh. Well, do you have any products that could help protect us, just in case?" Lalah said.

"Yeah. I can get you a tranquilizer gun and some repellent. That's about all we got that's humane."

Kayla reached under the desk and placed a box containing a tranquilizer gun and a bottle of bear repellent, or human scent remover, on the desk. She scanned all the products and added the price of the gas.

"That will be fifty-eight dollars and thirty-two cents" said Kayla.

The girls had given Lalah sixty dollars and She handed it over to Kayla. After Kayla bagged the products and gave Lalah her change, Lalah left.

"Bye now!" Kayla said.

"Bye!" said Lalah.

Lalah got back into the RV and placed everything on the table.

"Are we ready?" the driver said.

"Yep. Let's go ' said Lalah.

The RV pulled out of the gas station and continued down the road. Lalah sat down as one of the girls began rummaging through the bags. She was short with long, curly red hair and a sharp, freckled face. She took out a bag of chips for herself and then took out the tranquilizer gun.

"What the h*ll is this?" she said.

"It's just a tranquilizer gun in case of bears!" Lalah said.

"Really? We're not gonna get attacked by bears, Lalah!"

"But the cashier told me people have been killed by bears there, Ebony!"

"The cashier probably wanted to just sell it to a sucker! Besides, I don't think any bears will be attacking us after..."

Ebony giggled in a teasing but friendly way and Lalah felt hot with embarrassment and anger after Ebony told her that buying the tranquilizer gun was probably a scam. Ebony reached under her seat and pulled out a tall bottle of vodka.

"Oh my gosh, Ebony are you trying to get us all wasted in the middle of a forest?" one of the girls said.

"Just putting a little punch in that Gatorade Lalah bought" said Ebony.

"Hey! Put that away before we get pulled over!!" the driver said.

"Calm down, Julia, it's not like there's any cops out here" said Ebony.

"Well, we're almost there and i don't want to be greeted by a cop who sees you waving a bottle of vodka around!" said Julia.

"I'm just trying to make this trip a little more fun! I mean, us girls alone in the forest! we can do whatever we want! and this was really needed and we're all over eighteen" said Ebony.

"But under twenty-one" said Jessica.

"How did you get that anyways?" asked one of the girls.

"You know my parents Lexi, i just lifted it and they couldn't tell!"

"Oh" said Alexis.

Alexis continued playing with her hand-held system. She had gorgeous red hair and a very fine body. Lalah was still quiet and Jessica was texting somebody. Julia was driving, and Ebony was sitting around, gazing out the window.

"I think we should have a no-phone policy! We wouldn't be really getting away if we're texting and calling people" said Lalah.

"Here" said Alexes as she gave Lalah her phone.

"But I want to talk to Mitchel!" said Ebony.

"You'll survive" said Lalah as she took Ebony's phone.

Then Lalah snatched Jessica's phone as she was still texting and walked to the front of the RV.

"Guess I'm not allowed to have my phone" said Jessica. No one responded.

Julia handed Lalah her phone. "You can put them in the glove box. I don't need mine anyways" She said.

Lalah dropped all the phones, including her own, in the glove box. They we're traveling on a gravel road through the forest now. The Road ended with a large, gravel slab. then there were paths going into an un-ending forest.

"We're here!!" Julia said as she turned the RV off.

Everyone got out of the RV and looked around. Then they began un-loading all their supplies.

"All right, let's set up just off of this gravel. Once we get settled we can look around the forest for stuff to do. and let's try to stay out of the RV as much as possible! I'm gonna lock it" said Julia.

It had become very hot and humid in the forest. The girls were sweating after setting up the tent and fire pit.

"All right, now let's explore this forest!" said Julia.

Lalah had half a mind to bring the tranquilizer gun with her. But she figured it would be stupid and be a hassle to walk with. The girls all began walking through the forest with their bug repellent products on. Some of the sites were very pretty and picture worthy. They were getting very hot and tired when they heard what they had all been hoping for. The sound of a creek.

"Hey! i can hear a creek!" said Jessica.

"Yeah! Let's go!" said Ebony.

They followed the sound of the water until they finally found it. The water was dirty and sure to be home to craw-dads, but it wasn't too deep or strong and looked very cool. The girls were all in shorts and wearing wad able shoes and they jumped in. The water current pushed them a little bit but felt very nice on their legs. They stood there a moment before Julia said:

"Okay! Let's travel down stream for a bit and head back to the camp for dinner"

"Sounds good!" said Ebony.

They waded through the creek for awhile, enjoying the cold water. Lalah wanted to dive in and float along the creek. After awhile, walking through the water got tiring and their legs were getting cold. They were all thinking of turning back by the time Alexis shouted:

"Ow! My hand!!"

Everyone looked as Alexis held her hand. Blood was coming from the palm and the skin looked like it had been pierced.

"What happened?" said Julia.

"I think it was this tree. I reached my arm out to lean against it and it really hurt!" said Alexis.

She pointed to a tree on the bank that was covered in long thorns that branched out. They looked like very sharp antlers. Lalah looked past the tree and noticed that a very steep hill descended down to the bank and to the trees. She glanced at the top of the hill and for a moment, seemed to see a shadow that was at the top of the hill and vanished.

"Well next time, look where your leaning! Some of these trees may have poisonous moss too. I think these are called Honey-Locust trees. C'mon, there's a first aid kit in the RV" said Julia.

They all got out of the creek and began walking along the bank until they reached the path again. They got back up to the RV and started a fire. Julia wrapped Alexis's hand in linen and they all sat down around the fire with relief. It was getting dark and they all started to roast hot dogs.

"So what are we gonna do our first night?" said Ebony.

"We are going to go to sleep because we are all dirt tired!" said Julia. Everyone silently agreed.

"Oh come on!! We only got three nights to party!" said Ebony

"And only one bottle of vodka, so save it!" said Lalah.

They all finished they're hot dogs and took turns showering in the RV. After everyone was done, they went to bed in the tent. Lalah slept with the tranquilizer gun close by just in case the bears were on the prowl. And it was.

Alexis woke up sometime late in the night. She couldn't tell the time. All she knew was that her hand hurt and that she had to urinate. She got out of the tent and went to the RV. It was locked. She didn't want to wake up Julia to unlock it so she went behind a tree.

"When in Rome" she muttered.

She finished urinating and that's when everything went black.

She woke up in a cabin. She didn't know if she was still in the woods or not. A single light bulb light the room. She was strapped to a large wooden table. She began to scream as she noticed the foot traps, chains, tools and woman in the cabin. But she was gagged. A woman stood over her with a bright smile.

"Well hello there! Fancy meeting you here in these parts!"

Alexis could only make muffled sounds.

"You may be wondering where you are. You're in my cabin here in Haven Forest! And I own Haven Forest! I don't know if you've heard, but we have a serious bear problem. People have been found mangled here in the forest. And the government wants my permission to clear them out! See I would, except the problem isn't bears. It's trespassers. People think that they can come into my forest and do whatever they please! It sickens me! They deserve what they get! But it is, truly, tragic when a body is found here. But when you step into nature, nature might smite you! And i take the liberty of being nature's messenger! Of course, our society frowns upon such things and I therefore disguise my work of that of a bear's. Sometimes I call myself the momma bear! But momma has to be careful and clever to get away"

The woman walked over to a desk where a large device sat. it looked like a kind of generator. She flipped a switch on it and then placed it under a locked drawer.

"You like it? It's a machine that generates a magnetic field that knocks out cell phones and confuses a compass so it don't know which way is which!" she said with a hardy laugh.

"Because, Of course, I can't have any of your friends escaping to get help! That wouldn't do at all! I also set up a layout of traps to pick them off. That way, They can't leave the forest and I can collect their bodies and do the handy work. Then I lay my master pieces away from any traps to be discovered by the police! I've had a few close calls. But no one has ever figured it out"

She opened another drawer and pulled on a pair of gloves. the gloves were made of hard leather and had long and curved metal blades coming from the knuckles. Alexis began screaming and writhing. Momma bear slashed at her with the gloves, as if to punch her, and made a long set of slashes across her face. They began bleeding and Alexis continued to scream and writhe, trying to get free before she is mauled by a crazy woman.

"This will be over before you know it! Just stay out of my woods next time!" said momma bear.

She positioned the blades onto Alexis's neck. Alexis writhed and made scratches on her neck. Momma bear brought the gloves down and the blades sliced through her throat. Alexis made chocking sounds and lay there twitching until she was un-moving. Then Momma bear threw her arms in opposite directions and the blades pulled her throat apart. Blood was flooding from her neck and momma bear took off the gloves and un-tied Alexis's body. She threw Alexis's body over her shoulders and stepped outside.

The girls all awoke the next morning and began another fire to cook breakfast. It was only until they were eating when Lalah said:

"Where's Alexis?"

"I don't know. She may have gone on a walk. She's not in the RV" said Julia.

"We'll wait for her" said Ebony.

After an hour had passed the girls were very worried. They decided to go look for her. After what seemed like another hour of walking through the forest calling for Alexis, a cabin came into view. The girls decided to look inside.

"Doesn't look like anyone lives here" said Ebony.

"But it's creepy" said Jessica.

They were all looking at the chains and tools in what looked like a cabin that belonged in a horror film. But the film became real when they noticed blood that was splattered along a table and the walls and on the floor.

"Jesus, is that blood?" said Ebony as Julia dabbed her finger in it.

"Yeah. and it's fresh" she said.

"This must be some animal skinning place" said Ebony.

Lalah had noticed along a wall was newspaper articles from nearby towns. One title read:

Missing Women Remains Found

Just last night, the body of Melissa Gordon was found in Haven Forest which is just off Route 62. Melissa Gordon had been declared missing on April 29, 2007 after she had told her family that she was going on a trip to the forest for a few days and the police were called after a week had gone by. Now, just a few days after searching the forest, the body was recovered. The police publicly announced that the cause of death was a bear attack. This is not the first time bodies have been discovered in the forest, mangled by bears either. However, the police would not state the condition of the body. In an exclusive interview with the owner of the forest, Miss Kayla Anderson, we got information on some of the forest's history.

"The police showed up at my door one night and told me they had found a body in my forest" she tells us. "I got my coat on and went with them. What they found was a poor girl's body that had been ripped apart at the chest. It was a horrific site. The police told me they wanted my permission to exterminate or re-move all the bear population in my forest! I told them there was no way that would ever happen because this is where they belong! So God help anyone who is foolish enough to invade their space! Then I told them that the best be going to unless they wanted to end up like that women" she said.

But what the police didn't release was that another women was discovered at the scene. The family didn't want their situation to be publicized. But, a Miss Anna Kaufman was discovered near the body of Miss Gordon. She had been reported missing just before Miss Gordon. It is believed that the two had gone to the forest together. But we will never know why.

"I believe those two girls were together" Miss Anderson tells us. "But I have no idea why. And they chose a poor place to be" she said with a laugh.

So, I guess the only thing we can learn is to stay away from Haven Forest.

They're were other articles about other people found mauled to death in the forest. Lalah continued to read them until Ebony shouted:

"We need to find Alexis and get out of here!"

"I agree" said Lalah.

"I'm sure Alexis is fine! Let's continue to search for her" said Julia.

Lalah had a very bad feeling that Alexis was dead. That couldn't have been her blood though. Bears don't tie people to tables when they maul them. Maybe Kayla was taking matters in her own hands and killing bears and other animals to skin in that cabin. Lalah couldn't tell if Kayla Anderson, the owner of Haven Forest, was the same Kayla who worked at that gas station. Either way, They were going to find Alexis and get out of here. But what if they can't find her? What if we spend all this time looking for a dead girl and we get picked off by the bears one by one? They had to find Alexis. Dead or alive. And when they do, they were getting out of there.

They left the cabin and continued searching and calling out for Alexis. More time had passed and they were getting worried.

"Maybe she went back to camp" said Ebony.

"I think we should split up. Ebony and I will go back to the camp and you guys can continue looking for her" said Julia.

"Fine" Lalah said.

Julia and Ebony started heading back. Ebony took out her compass to find their way back to camp when she called:

"Something is wrong with my compass!"

She went back to the girls and showed them her compass. The arrow was spinning in circles and would not stop.

"What the h*ll is going on?" she said.

"I'm getting really scared" said Jessica.

"Maybe we should go get help" said Ebony.

"How are we supposed to get help? We're lost in the woods!" said Lalah.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm getting out of here. If i just keep walking then I'll get out eventually. I'll get help" said Jessica.

"Jessica no! we need to stay together!" said Lalah.

"You can come with me!" she said.

"We need to find Alexis!" said Ebony.

"We'll continue looking for Alexis and try to find our camp. Jessica can do what she wants" said Julia.

"No! It will get dark in a few hours! We need to stick together and find Alexis!" said Lalah.

"You guys can find her! I'm going to get out of here and find you some help! It won't take that long! You can come with me or you can stay here! But I'm leaving!" said Jessica.

Jessica began to walk. The other girls stood there, un-able to say anything. She was walking on her own and she walked with the determination to get out of the forest.

"So what are we gonna do?" said Julia.

"We're going to find Alexis. Then we're getting out of here" said Lalah.

They watched as Jessica marched through the trees. She was almost out of view when it seemed like the ground gave in under her. She seemed to of disappeared under the ground.

"Did you see that?" said Ebony.

"Jessica?!" Lalah shouted.

"Let's go see what happened" said Julia.

They ran through the trees until they found where Jessica seemed to have fallen. They discovered a large and deep hole in the ground. At the bottom lay Jessica, impaled by sharpened wooden spears stuck in the bottom.

The girls all gasped and Ebony screamed.The girls couldn't bear to look anymore. They walked away from the hole with their hands over their mouths. Jessica landed with a spear going through her chest and head. She had landed face down and her clothes were now soaked in blood.

"Jesus! What the h*ll is this place? There has to be someone out here trying to kill us! It isn't bears it's a crazy person! What are we gonna do? We gotta get out of here!" Ebony said.

"We gotta find Alexis!" said Lalah. "We can't risk leaving her here if she's alive!"

"She's not alive! I know it! We just gotta get out of here!" said Ebony.

"We can't leave her!!" said Lalah.

"Look, Ebony and I are gonna try to find the RV and get the h*ll out of here! We will get the police! It's better than wondering through here until we all get killed! Come with us, Lalah please!" said Julia.

"You two go ahead. I'm going to find Alexis" Said Lalah.

"Lalah please" said Julia.

"Go!" said Lalah.

Julia and Ebony looked at her for a moment. As if it will be the last time they look at her and began to walk back the way they came. Lalah waited until they were out of sight. She stood in the silence of the forest. Listening to the birds chirping and the wing blowing through the leaves. She grabbed a broken branch and took it in her hands. She began walking with the branch in front of her like a blind person's cane. She called out for Alexis again. She was ready to take on whatever this forest wanted to throw at her.

Julia and Ebony were walking back to the RV. Lalah was no longer in sight and the compass wasn't working. They knew Alexis was dead. Just as Jessica was dead. They were getting out of here. But they really feared for Lalah. If they got the police, the police would probably recover three dead bodies. But now they know that it wasn't bear attacks. A crazy person killed people in this forest. That blood had to of been Alexis's. They wanted to get out of here. They just wanted to be safe. But, the forest was closing in on them. They had been walking for a long time now. Maybe Lalah had already gotten killed. This would haunt them for the rest of their lives. What could of been done. What they shouldn't of done. A life of regrets after a traumatic experience. It was getting dark. But then a bright, glorious light shone when the RV came into view.

"The RV!" Julia said. She began to run towards it with glee. As she continued to run she seemed to trip on something. She dove forward with her hands out. Her right hand landed on a foot trap which closed around her right wrist. Then her face landed directly onto another foot trap which closed around her head. She tried to get up but the traps were chained to the ground. She screamed and writhed as if she was having a seizure. Her wrist and head were producing blood where the traps had closed. Then she was still, twitching a little bit, and then became un-moving. Ebony's scream rang through the forest just before she was knocked out.

Lalah was still calling out for Alexis. Her hopes were becoming darker with the horizon. She continued walking with the stick. As she walked in between two trees, the stick caught on something. An invisible force that kept the stick from moving on. Lalah knelled down and saw a very fine, but strong string that ran in between the two trees. She followed the string up the tree until she saw a large tree trunk propelled above her. It was hanging at an angle and had a lot of hefty string attached to it. If she had walked through the trees and broken the string, the trunk would of come crashing down where she stood. She around the two trees and continued walking. It wasn't long after that she heard the high pitched scream of terror from Ebony. It rang through the entire forest and hit Lalah's ears like a high, sharp musical note being played directly in her ear. Her heart stopped and she began running. Careful not to run in between any trees that were close together. She ran in the direction she heard the scream. She wasn't going to let anyone else die in this forest. She ran. Ran for any hope of getting out of this forest. As she ran she tripped. She fell forward into what would of been a certain death. But she hit the forest floor, knocking the breath out of her. She lay there for a moment to catch her breath. Then, she looked at what she had tripped over. Covered with dead leaves and stained with dry blood was the body of Alexis. Her throat had been ripped open and a number of slashes were across her face. Bugs were crawling in and out of the shreds of Alexis's throat. The slashes on her face were full of a green substance. Lalah screamed. She screamed in pure terror, anger and hopelessness. Alexis was dead. Fine. But now she had to go and find Julia and Ebony. Then they were leaving. She got up and continued running. She ran for a long while. Bad thoughts were filling her head again. Then the RV came into sight. They couldn't of gotten this far. They would of gotten in the RV and left. That's when she noticed Julia's body.

Ebony awoke in the cabin. The same cabin with the creepy tools and blood stained table. Then she realized that she was on that table. Her arms were laying in the sticky dried blood. Her arms and legs were tied to the ends of the table and she was gagged. In the corner was a women. That was her. The crazy person who made those traps and killed Jessica, Julia and surely Alexis. Jesus, all her friends were dead. Maybe Lalah was still alive. That would be her only hope at this point. Otherwise she was about to join her friends. She began crying into the gag. The women looked over and walked up next to her.

"Good morning, sunshine!" she said.

Ebony began screaming into her gag.

"There's no need to get all upset. I'm momma bear. I own this forest and I'm afraid you're tress passing. You and all your friends. But there's no worry. You'll be with your friends again soon. After you, I just got to take care of one more. So, hold still and this will be over before you know it" she said.

Then a screaming racket came from outside.

Lalah yelped as she looked at Julia's body. Foot traps were closed over her right hand and head. She leaned against a tree and began to weep. The hopes of getting out of here alive were bleak. Yet, the RV stood right there ready to go. Two problems: This crazy person probably already sabotaged the RV. And she had to find Ebony. If she could just find Ebony and get past this crazy person, they would live. Then she remembered the tranquilizer gun. Of course! All she had to do was hit them with a dart and they could get away. That is, if Ebony is alive. There was a dragging trail. Showing a path of dis-placed leaves and revealed dirt. This must be where they dragged Ebony off. Lalah walked to the tents they had set up and went inside. She found the box and got the rest of the darts. She had been keeping the gun sticking out of her back pocket. She was careful not to set it off. She stuck the remaining darts in her pocket and loaded the gun. She went back to the trail and began to follow it. As expected, it took her back to the cabin they had found earlier. The light was on. Ebony was surely inside. With the gun ready, Lalah hid behind a tree and began screaming. She screamed for Jessica. She screamed for Julia and she screamed for Alexis. She was ready. Ready to take on the momma bear. It was dark out now.

Lalah stopped screaming as she heard the cabin door open and then close.

"What on earth?" said a woman's voice.

Lalah steadied the gun and peeked around the tree. It was the women from the gas station. Kayla. She was the owner of the woods and the killer of all these people. Kayla began walking around.

"Who's out here?" she said.

When her back was turned, Lalah aimed the gun through the darkness at Kayla. She pulled the trigger and the dart soared through and struck the back of Kayla's neck. Kayla yelped in pain and then pulled the dart out. Then she began laughing as if she had been told an inside joke.

"Did you think i gave you an actual tranquilizer gun?! Honey, there isn't anything inside these darts! But how dare you try to shoot me in my own forest? You're tress passing!" she said as she rubbed her neck.

No matter. All Lalah had to do was nail the b**** in the eye. She waited until Kayla was facing her direction and she shot again. The dart soared past Kayla and Kayla looked directly at Lalah. Kayla began running towards Lalah with a large grin on her face. Lalah's heart was about to burst with fear. She began running. They ran through the forest. Lalah was half screaming and sobbing. Kayla was running at her like the momma bear chasing her prey. Lalah shot another dart behind her which missed. Then the gun fumbled out of her hands. Lalah was running for her life. She was being chased by the momma bear who would rip her throat out as soon as she got her claws around Lalah's neck. Lalah could hear the sound of the creek nearby and she could feel herself running out of energy. Kayla was larger but could still run like a wild bull. She felt herself slowing down and could feel the momma bear closing in on her. She had slowed down and Kayla tackled her. They both fell to the ground and began cat fighting. They were rolling on top of each other and clawing at each other. Finally, Kayla got on top of Lalah and closed her hands around Lalah's neck. Lalah helplessly pulled at Kayla's hands but they wouldn't budge. She rolled over just enough the secure her teeth around momma bear's wrist. She bit down as hard as she could and felt blood going into her mouth. Momma bear screamed out in pain and let go. Lalah spit out the blood and caught her breath. Momma bear was holding her wrist and looking at the deep bite marks.

"That was for Julia" she said.

Then she punched momma bear directly in the throat. She fell down and held her throat, making deep gasping noises.

"That was for Alexis" she said.

"You... L-Little...BRAT!" momma bear said as she lunged at Lalah.

They fell to the ground and began cat fighting again. Lalah couldn't let momma bear get her hands around her throat again. They continued rolling on top of each other and clawing at each other until they felt them selves rapidly going down hill. They rolled on top each other down a steep hill until they crashed into something. Lalah heard momma bear moaning in pain and she heard the peaceful sound of the creek bank. Lalah lay there, looking directly in the eyes of momma bear as she breathed heavily. Then her eyes rolled, the breathing stopped and she was still. Lalah sat up and looked at the honey-locust tree. Its thorns growing out all over. And momma bear lay at the trunk with a large thorn sticking out from her stomach. Luckily, it hadn't been long enough to pierce Lalah as well.

"That was for Jessica" she said.

Lalah climbed back up the steep hill and followed the light back to the cabin. She opened the door where Ebony lay on the table. Ebony screamed at the sight of Lalah. Lalah un-tied her and they scrambled into a hug.


"Dead" said Lalah.

"What about Alexis?" said Ebony.

"Dead" said Lalah.

"What do we do now?" said Ebony.

"We get to the RV and we leave" said Lalah.

They walked back to the RV. It was quiet in the forest now. Lalah felt relieved. They really were getting out of here. They got back to the RV. It was locked. Lalah picked up a rock and smashed the window. Then she unlocked the RV and they got inside. The RV started without a problem and they pulled out and went down the path and out of the forest. They traveled a few miles up where they pulled into the gas station. Lalah opened the glove box and pulled out her cell phone. They had service. She took her phone and then grabbed the bottle of vodka. She and Ebony went inside the station and waited for the police.

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