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Christmas Night

July 15, 2012
By ShadowAngel2468 SILVER, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
ShadowAngel2468 SILVER, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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"Oh Please Amy, it’s just a bunker!” exclaimed Kirsti. “You call it a bunker I call it our death bed” Amy shot back, as you can tell the twins were going at it that night. Courtney their older sister stepped in "You know what I call it, STUPID” she shouted "its The day before Christmas eve and its 2:00 in the morning” she made a gesture to the clock that now said 2:01."Now if you two would be so kind as to keep it down I would like to go back to sleep" she stormed out of the room her sisters shared they stared long and hard at the door of which their sister walked out of. Almost as if they expected to transform or what not. Kirsti and Amy barely agreed. But three things they could agree on were, Passion fruit were gross, Italian food rocks, and Courtney could be a real crab.

That morning their mom Mrs.Dillson made raspberry pancakes. Amy and Kirsti were arguing and shouting” NO" "YES" "NO" "YES". Mrs.Dillson said to Courtney” Oh look, their early morning fight. I'll handle it" moaned Courtney as she threw her dark brown hair over her shoulder and grabbed the broom. She began banging on the sealing which just so happened to be Kirsti and Courtney’s bedroom floor .Both girls stormed into their own bathroom.

"Don't you just love mornings?” Said Mrs.Dillson as she stared out of the air frosted window. Then glared at the clock then dashed in surprise "Sweaty I'm late for work. Make sure your sisters don't kill each other” she kissed her daughter on the check then stormed out. "I'll try mom” Whispered Courtney “I’ll try” as the door shut. After Amy and Kirsti had their little episode they both came down stairs. Amy in a snow blue sweater and pant with pink Timberland boots and two French ponytails.

Meanwhile Kirsti came down in a sparkle purple shirt with a cat on the side and matching pants with white snow shoes and her hair in a bun. They picked up their breakfast and they were out the door. They didn't come back until late that night. They were at a party and had to wake up very, very early. Well at least 2 of them had to.

It was now 5:00 A.M. and Kirsti had to lie. Courtney started the car and Kirsti {apparently the stronger of the 2} carried Amy into it. They drove for three hours straight till they got to the heart of Great-Brittan. When they came to a stop they were at address: 6428 Death Road Inn.

"And Amy said this place was creepy" laughed Kirsiti. Though she got the feeling there was something among them. But she said in her mind don't be daft .As she dragged her slowly awakening sister into their bunker suit. But out of the blue she screams "What is this? Kirst, where’s Courtney? Mind telling me where I am? A-".But before she could finish her words was muffled by sister’s hand "In order, an Inn, Our bunker, and that so called death bed you went on about the other day.” and as she was summing up Amy bit her hand. With a steer of pain she said” Right good sis, mark my skin I don't mind the redness and stinging at all, really" she said sarcastically. Angry with her sisters violence, but she expected it.

Oh, red hands are so the least of your worries sis thought Amy with a sly smile. And unfortunately she was right. At this point Kirsti wasn’t sure which was creepier that ghost town of a lobby(except for the owner/chef Bradford A. Criptonreaper) or her sisters smile. Courtney then saw the perfect opportunity to scare the crumpets out of her sisters and so she sensed it without hesitation and grabbed them from behind. Their ear splitting screams were enough to fill her soul.” This is rich she” said spitefully. As she taped it on her camera phone.

Her sisters said in harmony" THAT'S LIKE SO NOT FUNNY"."Really 'cause I just got quite the kick outta' that one mate" she laughed. Great they thought PAYBACK! Then something rained over Amy and Kirsti.” O.K. let’s just go to the room girls.” said. None the less they went into the room.

There was a rustic charm about their room and day quickly turned to night. And with only the phone they had made early that morning when they arrived to indicate the fact they weren't alone in the world the place was just down right creepy. But the bright side was that the next morning was Christmas. The girls were eager to get their presents that morning. Each girl got roughly 20 presents each.

As they were heading off to the kitchen to find Bradford was early that morning and they wanted breakfast} ,Courtney spotted one more oddly shaped thing wrapped in gift paper with dark green writing on it that said” You ladies open this if you dare and let your world be twisted and change into a life of no return ."And this concluded the note. What ever in was wrapped in that paper was hurried smelling. Kirsti the most adventures of the pack opened it without a second thought and saw quite the sight.

There lie Dr.Criptonreaper murdered in cold blood marked with the words” YOUR NEXT" on his chest. One scream quickly turned into three as the sisters half frozen with fear headed to door. They opened the door only to run into wooden planks blocking their exit. It was apparent that someone was out to get them. And he wasn’t afraid.

Minuets later the terror struck trio were pondering. How were they going to get out, where is the killer, is he in the inn, and was Amy right was it there death bed? Questions raced through their minds like monkeys in a barrel. They needed it make it out {and
Stay alive for that matter}. They pondered and wondered and racked their brains.

Finally they had a solution. They would use Courtney’s cell phone. But who will they call? The police they decided they were first then their mother finally, their father in America. But first they decided, let’s call the police.

So they called 911. Every second ticked by with anticipation. Busy, busy, busy ANSWER. Courtney wasted no time and answered the phone. “Hello 911,” she answered franticly “Ello’ champ”said a loud excited male “What is you emergincay?”. We’re at some phyco inn and-----”. “Court, Courtny, why did you stop talking” “He’s on the phone he’s in the house he cut the line she kept whispering krippled by fear.

Courtney rocked back and fourth crippled with fear. Thats how we knew we were doomed.

The author's comments:
(An epic tail of what happens when you take life for granted). i started writing this years ago and i didn't know where to take it and i still don't. Help PLEASE!

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