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Jack, Jill, and the Devil.

October 15, 2012
By DallyDysfunctional SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
DallyDysfunctional SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pale of water.
However, upon their arrival,
They witnessed a horrendous sight,

Causing the pair to tremble and shudder.

Sixty feet below cloaked in darkness and red

‘It’ rocked forward and back in the fetal.

Wearing the shape of a man, flesh dissipating,

Stricken with disease and occurrence,

Jack and Jill viewed a portrait of incarnate evil.

He must not have been alone

For all around him lied their bones.

So much feces and decay, so much loss,

Invaded the children’s senses,

Too much dried blood for him to have been on his own.

Its hair was in loose and thin tendrils

While the whites of his eyes had dissolved into yellow.

Teeth black, nails removed,

Skin feasted upon by insects, ravens, and time,

All of it bruised and colored like morellos.

Chattering an unknown tongue

The Devil looked upward menacingly from the depth of his well.

In those distorted eyes, the children looked,

And although they would not know,

The Beast’s hues told his horror tale.

Buried in the open at the bottom of this enclave

And left for dead with his family of five.

He tried to sustain, he gripped sanity so long,

But weeks would turn his attempts futile,

Man must do what is necessary to survive.

Prized wife, a son, and two daughters

Were the foundation of this happy home.

However his home was torched, life removed,

And here he found them, live,

Until he – in madness – seated himself in the soil of their loam.

If lack of consciousness hadn’t already driven him numb

Then his scars would still ache.

The resistance of his daughters, clawing into his face,

Once burned his infected flesh,

But no longer in his wake.

The Mother was paralyzed and frantic in prayer

While her husband feasted upon her only son.

Time between each, eyes of storms,

Then the time came when he – it -

Turned upon the woman he loved second to none.

It peered directly above and right

Into the eyes of the little pour soul of Jack.

His sister screamed, and they both ran.

All the way home, through the forest,

And the two of them vowed never to return back.

Jill could never sleep and Jack

Was indulged each night in terrifying nightmares.

Something had followed them, unbeknown,

For it had taken a liking to the children, especially Jack,

Who’s sanity was slipping quietly into the Devil’s snare.

So it crept without warning into
The boy’s adolescent mind.

Food and drink became bleak, so too his content,

And Jack experienced a hunger never felt, so foreign,

That it now began only a matter of time.

Jack played caring and loving brother

Until he was able to comfort his sister into sleep.

He caressed her hair, whispered sweet songs,

Finally she descended into rest,

That’s when he visited, and the voices began to creep.

Curious to what his sister’s fair skin

Would taste like between his teeth,

How it would settle upon his tongue, fill his stomach,

Jack was loosening himself, allowing night to come,

His hands, sweating, wrapped around his sister’s throat like a wreath.

She gasped but Jack muffled the screams

While darling Jill kicked out her legs.

First he began with her cheeks, those rosy pinks,

Her tears spilling over to mix with her blood,

She cried out to her brother, Jill begged.

Her brother was far lost now

Just hosting this feast as an empty vessel.

Soon she would still, Jill’s life removed,

Victim to the only one she ever loved.

It was over – Jill had been eaten by the Devil.

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