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The Legend of Bone Creek

May 10, 2013
By OWLSLOVESIX GOLD, Union, Connecticut
OWLSLOVESIX GOLD, Union, Connecticut
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Crackle, Snap, Pop. The fire floats in the musty, steamy, midnight summer air. Dancing with the stars, the fire leaps high into the air. Burning away the remnants of the past, wooden witnesses burning bright.

We sit on logs cut from the nearest fallen swamp tree. All six of us, Hunter, Kayla, Paisley, Cooper, Corey, and I. The midnight air is musty and rich with swampy smells. The rich smells of damp earth and stagnant water, tease my nose. Corey feeds another long, splintered plank of rotted wood into the fire, which grabs the log and inhales it into its fiery jaw.

“Hey Corey, where did you get those wood planks from?” Kayla asks. Corey sighs and looks over a Hunter.

“Should we tell them, or do you think they be to scared?” Corey mimics us and sticks out his puffy, pink, lower lip, batting his thick brown eyelashes. Paisley eye go wide at the mention of her being scared.

“Corey, just because we are five girls from New York City, does not mean that we are 5, six year old girls!” Paisley jumped off her log and bounded over to Corey. With a SMACK, she hit his large muscular arm.

“Ouch!” Corey whines and rubs his arm. Paisley turns to her boyfriend Hunter.

“Honey, do you think that we are similar to six year old girls?” Paisley rests her fist above her hips and raises her eyebrows.

“N..N..N..O..O..O..T..T..T at all h-h-honey! I think you are the bravest person on earth!” Hunter squeezes his eyes closed and raises his large muscular hands above his head in surrender. This causes Paisley to break out in a fit of giggles. Oh my have we gotten off topic!

“Guys!” I scold. I then turn to my boyfriend, “Corey, now tell us, where did you get that wood from?”
Corey rubs his arm one last time and stare deeply into the fire.

“In order to know where we got this wood from, you must hear the legend of this creek, Bone Creek.”

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