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The Legend of Bone Creek: The Incident

May 10, 2013
By OWLSLOVESIX GOLD, Union, Connecticut
OWLSLOVESIX GOLD, Union, Connecticut
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The year was 1865, the night was warm, and the sky was dark. The street was clear, damp, and very thick with fog. The sound of horse hooves filled the silent, black, night sky.

The horses danced along the street with a quick rhythm, racing against time. Inside the carriage carried a very old man, about sixty years old. He was bouncing along very impatiently. The carriage was dark, damp, and the air was filled with tension.
The master stuck his head out and yelled to the driver, Jeremiah, “Faster, I have no time to waste!”
Frowning, Jeremiah nodded his head and responded, “Yes Master Harris, your wishes are my command.” Jeremiah really hated his master, he was cruel, rude, and very demanding. Jeremiah raised the whip above his head, then he brought the whip down. Before the whip hit the horses he jerked it up quickly. A snap erupted from the sudden movement, and caused the horses to speed up their pace. Jeremiah knew that Master Harris was in trouble, Jeremiah had been working for his Master for thirteen years and never had he seen him this scared and tense. He also had never made the carriage this fast before.

Jeremiah was flying threw the air before he knew what was happening. The bolt of light was fiery hot, and singed of his leg hairs. He heard the pound of horse hooves and knew that they had been unlatched from the carriage.
A deep pain whizzed through his body and he cried out and tried to look up. He saw nothing of the night sky, only the black carriage toppling over, landing on top of him.
James Harris faded in and out of reality. When the carriage toppled over, his head had taken a hard blow, sending him unconscious.
When James woke up, he noticed that he was outside of his carriage. He glanced around the dense forest road that they had crashed on. There was nobody there, shrugging his shoulders. he got up and wandered into the tree line. Not once did he bother to look back at the remnants of the broken carriage, or the bloody trail leading into the woods....

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