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The House

May 19, 2013
By CGirl1118 BRONZE, Floral Park, New York
CGirl1118 BRONZE, Floral Park, New York
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Stephanie went into the dark house, creeping as quietly as she could. She has heard rumors of the house haunted and full of monsters. Stephanie had just come to the small town of Bigville. As a child Stephanie was the dare devil of her family. She was always the one to go on the humongous roller coasters. With twists and loops and big drops. When everyone was scared to stand up to bully, she would be the one to say something. She would almost always end up hurt whenever she did something. 

When Stephanie heard there was a haunted house she immediately wanted to explore. When she first saw the house she saw the usual scary house look. An old mansion with bats flying in and out of the broken windows. 

Now in the house Stephanie started to feel like someone was breathing in her ear. She jumped back and rubbed her ears. She looked around and saw nothing. "You were probably just hearing things" she told herself. Stephanie suddenly sees a shadow move quickly and then disappear. She quickly shined her flashlight all around. Nothing was there. 

In front of Stephanie was a grand spiral staircase. She didn't have to to think twice in order to decide if to go. She started up the old stairs with her flashlight constantly roaming around. Every step she took made a creak because the stairs were so old. When she reached the too of the stairs she saw that were many rooms. Most of them were boarded up and had signs spray painted there saying "STAY AWAY" and "DON'T COME IN". Even with the signs there she still wasn't spooked. "Probably some teenagers did it." She says. She walks a bit more and sees there was one room that wasn't boarded up. It was a red door with a goblin's face as the door handle. Her hands rested on the handle and were about to turn it when another shadow runs quickly and disappears. "Who's there?!" She says to the air. No one answers leaving her with a weird feeling. 

Stephanie actually felt scared, but not too much because she still wanted to explore the room with the goblin handle. She opened the door carefully not wanting to make a noise. It creaks open and she steps inside. It is dark but she can faintly see rows and rows of books. The walls were lined with them! In the middle of the room was a table and three comfy looking chairs. "A library" she whispers. When Stephanie wasn't doing anything daring she was reading. Her favorite place was a small spot underneath a humongous tree in the Brook Gardens which was in her old home. There was a tiny swing there that she made herself. She would sit there and just read. Reading always made her feel comfortable. The calming wind and bright green grass. The feeling of being sucked into a good book. Stephanie would escape to any world and love it. 

Suddenly a sound brings her back to reality. It sounded of foot steps coming toward her. She lets out a little gasp and her heart drops. She started making silent letters to her family saying she was sorry she always got in trouble and hurt. The footsteps were louder now and faster. Stephanie quickly closes the red door and blocks it with the chairs. She takes out a small handgun and raises it toward the direction of the door. The footsteps are much louder now and something starts banging on the door. "No! Get away!" She yells at the person or thing banging at the door. She curses her self for ever wanting to come. The thing smashes the door and a hand comes out. It's a disgusting green and a little bit hairy. Stephanie shoot the hand hoping the monster would go away. It only makes it angrier and more determined to get her. She looks behind her for anything at all. "A window!" She looks out to see she was very high up. "Shoot. I need some kind of rope" Stephanie searches around for it and finds it in a small drawer. Why a library had rope in it we will never know. "Aha! A a library. Well no time for that I need to get out" she says to herself. 

Stephanie attaches the long rope to the window. Another hand comes out the door and then a face. Wait a minute that just wasn't any face. It was Stephanie's mom! "Mom?" She says confused. "Hi honey! Happy half- birthday! We knew you loved doing these stuff so your dad and I planned this whole thing out" Stephanie's parents took every holiday seriously. Even if it was as little as a half birthday. Stephanie groaned and put her hand on her head. "Oh ma. Seriously! I was actually scared" she said angrily. But then it cooled down. Her parents cared for her this much and did all this just for a half- birthday. Stephanie opens the door and lets her mom into the library. "Where's dad?" She asks. "Oh he's on the roof and made all those shadows. And we also shot cool air toward your ear so it felt like someone was breathing in there." Her mom says. "Now lets get out of this mansion and have some dinner" Stephanie agreed. Doing all this daring stuff can make you hungry. Stephanie and her mom met her dad at the door and they were on there way. 

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