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Cupcake Caper

November 12, 2008
By ElizabethMarie927 SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ElizabethMarie927 SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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It was my eleventh birthday today and I was treating my class with a box of cupcakes I was bringing into school. Everyone was enjoying them as we ate them before we went out to recess. Five students in my class were absent so I had extras that I was going to take home at the end of the day. I was fine with taking them home but to everyone's surprise the five extra cupcakes that were sitting on my teachers desk had gone missing when we had arrived back in the classroom, box and all.

I had gotten to my seat when I had noticed that the box was not on the teacher’s desk where I had left it. Once everyone was quiet I raised my hand and asked where they had gone. I was mostly expecting her to say that she had moved them over to the window sill where there was room. Although she looked around the room with her fingers pointed, as if she was expecting to see them somewhere around the room, and found not a single trace as to where my cupcakes had went.

"Well," Mrs. Stuarts began, "I'm not sure, dear. Has anybody seen the cupcakes that Anya brought in today?" She continued as she still eyed that classroom. "Well then this is perfect. We can solve our own mystery and have our own court room just like the story we are reading this week in our literature books." The classroom looked around excitedly at each other. Although I was still rather upset that my homemade cupcakes had gone missing.

"Alright. We need a jury." Mrs. Stuarts began as if this was a joke. Sure they were just cupcakes but they were mine. And I wanted them back. This wasn't make believe!

Multiple students waved their hands in the air and were all picked to be part of the jury. Anybody could be questioned and we had no witnesses that we knew of to call in. As far as I was concerned we weren't doing too well right now. Mrs. Stuart was the judge and I was the starting questioner because they were my cupcakes that had gone missing. Now I had to pick my first person to question.

I figured that I would go down the first row but then I noticed that this may be rude because all the students looked so excited and they might not all be picked if I went this way.

So I chose to pick randomly throughout the class. Steve Jackson was one of the few school bullies and I figured I should start with a believable suspect. "I would like to call Steve to the stand," I said in a rather proper way.

Steve grunted and stood then stomped over to the desk that Mrs. Stuart wanted to use as the questioning podium.

"So, Steve," I began and I started pacing the floor. “Where were you the entire time we were all at recess?"

"Playin' football," he replied. Although by the look on a small boy named Ben, I knew Steve was lying. Ben's face was stained with tears and he looked as if he were completely terrified.

"Mrs. Stuarts. How will we know if they're telling the truth? We need proof to say that they never left recess." I said.

Summer, the head of student council, raised her hand. "Mrs. Stuarts? I still have the sign out sheet you put me in charge of."

"Thank you, Summer. Could you please hand that to Anya please?" Mrs. Stuarts said so that she was now completely unbelievable as a judge. Our teacher was way to nice.

"Okay." I began. "Could Micheal, Grace, and Georgie come to the front seats please? Grace had a look of terror on her face and the others looked calm and as if this was the most dumb thing they had ever done.

"Grace, you first please," I said. "So. Where did you go exactly when you came inside?" I questioned.

"I c-came inside to get an extra jacket." She said as her eyes darted around the room and her cheecks went pink.

"Any proof?" I continued on.

But then out of no where Grace burst out crying and at first I thought I had found the culprit. But then she started attempting to get words out. "I - promise - it - w-wasn't -me!" she screamed into her hands taking in deeper breaths each time. Mrs. Stuart excused her to the bathroom immediately.

"Okay," I continued nervously still questioning what had just happened. "Georgie, you next please."

Georgie was a big girl and some what of a thug. I'm sure some suspected her because I bet she and her gang of friends had wanted more cupcakes.

"Alright let's get somethin' straight." Georgie started talking before I could even ask a single question. Or for that matter even say a single word. "I didn't take any of them stupid cupcakes. I thought they tasted horrible anyways!" She said.

All of her friends started smirking so that I had a horrible feeling that they did something with their cupcakes that I will soon find out about in my locker.

"Now Georgie, cooperate please," Mrs. Stuart said again in a non-judge kind of way.

By the look of encouragement my teacher gave me after that I think she agreed with me that Georgie and her friends had taken the cupcakes to do something bad with them. Although then Georgie continued with out me having to say a single word.

"Besides. I got a witness!" She said folding her arms and leaning back in the desk. "Mr. Riber seen me downstairs. He watched me while I walked into the bathroom and back outside. He watched my every move." George finished with confidence. And she didn't care that she and everyone else know why he was watching her. She didn't care either that Mrs. Stuart, Summer, and a few other students were dieing to fix her horrible grammar that she took no time to fix.

"Oh, okay." I said with a hint of intimidation in my voice. "Then Micheal, you're last."

He stood and towered over the entire class. Although even if everyone was standing he still would. Micheal was one of the tallest people I knew. He was even taller then Mrs. Stuart.

"I also have a witness to back me up." Micheal said even before he sat down. I started to get annoyed that only two suspects would let me do my job. "Mrs. Roberts saw me walking to the drinking fountain and had asked me to drop papers off two doors down. She watched from her room as I dropped off the papers. She thanked me as I walked back outside." Micheal completed his story with a confident nod and he, too, folded his arms.

"Well then." Mrs. Stuart said in an unsatisfactory as she hung up the phone. "It looks as though our witnesses say that Michel and Georgie are telling the truth. And we're out of students to question. Nobody else in here could have taken them, Anya."

But then an idea hit me so hard I shouted it out in excitement. "But what if it wasn't somebody that was outside at the time!" I said.

"Now Anya, I'm sure you want your cupcakes back and I’m sorry I don't know where they got to, but I’m sure that nobody came to our classroom and just opened the door and stole your treats." Mrs. Stuarts said with a look that she was sure she was right and that my idea was completely crazy and incorrect.

"But-." I began but was interrupted.

"I'm sorry Anya." She said with a stern look and a stern voice that now made her believable as a judge. "Now class I’m sure that was fun but we have to get back to our lesson." Mrs. Stuarts had grabbed her book and was flipping through the pages probably trying to find a boring verbs lesson or something.

While she was looking I could see that most of the jury looked rather disappointed that they didn't get to do anything. The reason being because there was no opposing side that I suspected. I was clueless.

"Okay class let's-" She was about to assign a lesson but then there was a knock on the door and a teacher came in.

"Hi everyone. Mrs. Stuart I just wanted to make sure you got my papers. Oh, here they are," The teacher removed a large book and handed her the stack of papers. "Oh, and also while I was dropping them off I saw it was somebody's birthday. Anya?" He continued and I raised my hand and he congratulated me on turning eleven.

"Thanks." I said shyly.

"Any by the way. Great cupcakes. Did you make them? All the fourth grade teachers loved them."
The teacher said while rubbing his stomach.

The entire class and even Mrs. S started laughing and this teacher had no idea why. He just started to quietly laugh as if he thought we were laughing at his stomach rubbing motions.

Mrs. Stuart mouthed sorry to me and I nodded in return. She had never had suspected a teacher to take them. But truthfully, neither had I.

The author's comments:
I had just recently started writing and I have only completed a few pieces so far. Although this particular peice was fun for me to write because I thought of it one night while I was sneaking into the kitchen for a snack. My sister had recently made cupcakes in celebration for her getting her cast off of her broken , and now healed, hand. I took the last cupcake and I new she would wonder where they had went. And from there came the mystery of the the CupCake Caper. I hope you will enjoy this humorous story I have just recently created.

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on Oct. 11 2018 at 1:49 pm
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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Oh, I loved this! It was great!

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I love the explanation of this stroy. Its so cute. Your a great writer. Keep at it!

on Nov. 24 2008 at 11:25 pm
Good job lizz! it's great :]