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Through A Window

June 20, 2014
By j.g.poems PLATINUM, Naples, Florida
j.g.poems PLATINUM, Naples, Florida
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The occasionally became daily. There is no set date or time. And if there was ha- my calendar would be filled. But do not be fooled. I am anything but proud of my usage. You see, it comes natural. Every living human has a distinct habit, if you will. Mine just happens to be god awful yet glorious simultaneously. I have been informed of every single harmful detail known demand about my issue thanks to ignorant therapists who truly believe that knowing the damage will cease my yearning for the damage. To be completely honest, the informing causes my frail body to ache for it. I instinctively crack my fingers and desire for crack to be in my lungs.

They whisper to me, “This is expected for a teenage boy living in the condition in which you are in, Nick. We just need to sort things out.”
A sigh escapes my lips. “Well maybe if I was not restrained to this damn chair I could converse with you without worrying if my blood was being cut off by these ropes.”

I find it amusing how well this hospital knows of me. The first time I was dragged in here, I escaped immediately. It was as simple as breathing. Now, being the fourth time, the doctors know I am a bit of a problem.(Problem being an understatement). The reason I am being forced back into this hell hole is not because I am blessed with distressed, worried parents- I wish that was the case. As shocking as it may appear, my parents are total addicts also. We live (live as an overstatement) in a beat up school bus that was abounded on Route 70. I bet you were not expecting that one!

Back to the reason as to why I am here- it’s actually kind of funny. Last summer I fell in love with a girl (which is rare considering the fact that girls do not usually associate with me).That girl happened to have a father who is a cop. One night, I had the bright idea to crack open her small window and slide myself right through. I was high, of course. Being so, I mistakenly ended up in her father’s bedroom. He then proceeded to grab his gun, hold me hostage, ask why I am in his bedroom at 2:56 A.M., ask me why my pupils are so dilated, and finally, discovered that I am in fact… in the midst of euphoria from the influence of crack!! Footsteps echoed through the house as the girl I was in love with busted through her father’s bedroom door to find her father informing me that I will be taken to Summit Oaks Hospital. No if, ands, or buts.


And boom! Here I am. Seated in a highly uncomfortable chair in a rehabilitation center in North Jersey. But trust me, I will escape. These pale cemented walls do not seclude me from fleeing away from this center and do not seclude me from fleeing away from my problems.

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