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Blood Moon

January 3, 2015
By GabrielMeroli GOLD, Sabana Grande, Other
GabrielMeroli GOLD, Sabana Grande, Other
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Every sixty years, the chosen one is born. The night the blood moon rises, the chosen one will appear to save or destroy the world. It is up to him to decide what to do.

My name is Janus. Since I was a child my destiny was to be a detective. It's a profession that has been in my family generation through generation. The point is that I'm a failure. Every time I try to resolve a case, I mess up. Maybe I have a curse or maybe it's this city that is cursed. Since I got here, there's been approximately five missing persons and two were found dead. After all, I am not a good detective. Like I told you, every case that falls in my hands gets more complicated and I never find the answer. I need to find the way to make it right and bring honor to my family's name.                                                                                                     August 14, 2014

I hear a scream and then a phone near me rings:
“It is done.”
“Good job! The money is hidden in the park.”

I ran to see if I could catch a glimpse of the person who was talking, but unfortunately I couldn't. In the morning, when the newspaper arrived, it appeared in the flash-news, another murder. This time it was an innocent teenager. She was found in a stable, where she was most of the time. Who would kill a innocent girl and why? Well, that's up to me. I need to find the person. I must stop this horrible murderer.

                                                                August 15, 2014


I am at the scene. I've found a trace. She looks like she was eaten by an animal. Maybe a wolf... she's all torn apart.  Lucky,  I found a clue, it's a tooth. How did a tooth come about here? I was perplexed. While I was watching the perimeter I saw someone standing in the woods. She was looking at me. I began to run, I needed to catch her. She ran into the woods, I followed her. Finally, I arrived at a big red house. When I call on the door no one answers. The door was open so I entered. The house was dusty and smelly. The girl was at the living room:
“Do you want something to drink?”
“Uh, are you talking to me?”
“Yes. Tequila perhaps?”
“What brings you here?”
“Do you know something about the murder?”
“Yes. Why?”
“Yes. Also, I know who the murderer is.” 

There was a really long pause. After that I asked her:
“Would you help me?”
“Sure. I just need three things.”
“Okay... what?”
“I want the golden flower from the black forest, the glowing rock beside the misty lake and finally, the heart of the chimera.”
“If you promise that you'll help me, I will attain all these objects for you.”
“It's a deal.”

We finished our deal with a blood pact. Now I am on my way to the long journey. Where I must find the three objects. While I pack, I am wondering, why does the murderer leave a tooth in the scene?

                                                                August 16, 2014

There's an ancient myth that tells whoever enters the dark forest will leave without a piece of him. As I get closer to the forest I can feel the darkness. I didn't want to do this journey alone, so I brought a friend. Her name is Cleo. She doesn't want anything bad to happen, so before we left town; she made me go see her grandma. Her grandma is a powerful witch, a decedent of the Salem witches. She blessed us with white magic and she gave Cleo a book of green and white magic, in case we needed it. I went to say goodbye to my mother. She was really upset with me. She didn't care if I was a failure she told me that we can always begin a new life. Since she didn't want to say goodbye, she left a note that said: “See you soon.” That was all... After leaving home, we continued on my journey. We entered the dark forest. While we walked through the darkness I saw something. It was a field, and in the middle, the golden flower. I rushed to it. When I picked it up, the earth shook. We were terrified. A bolt of lighting struck in the middle of the field, a raging fire began. Cleo cast a spell to protect us from the fire. Furthermore, a big giant monster appeared. The myth was right. He wanted a piece of us.  He ate my right eye, and he tore Cleo's left hand. In that very moment we fell unconscious.

                                                                August 19, 2014

It was weird. I didn't feel any pain. When I woke, I saw a little green man, his name was Rost. Rost was an elf. He healed us with his green magic. He told us the story of how he found us.
“Two days ago, I was walking through the dark forest. I needed some mushrooms to make a potion. When I went to the field, I saw everything burned. The monster was there trying to eat you two. I ran there and paralyzed him. Afterward, I used the dagger and stabbed him in the heart. He disappeared, and the both of you were hurt. You, Janus, had a beautiful golden flower clasped in your hand. I decided to bring you here and heal you.”
“Thank you, Rost.”
“No problem.”
“Now we need to go on with our journey.” - We told everything to Rost and he decided to join us.

                                                                August 20, 2014

Somehow my blindness has given me sight. Now I can see beyond this world. Lately, I have been experiencing some visions. Last night, I saw my mother running through the city with something in a blanket. She was giving the object to a creepy man and then she began to scream. In that very moment I woke. I was scared and felt powerless. I feel that my mom was in danger and there was nothing I could do to help her. Cleo's feeling a little powerless, as it is now more difficult for her to do her magic.

                                                                August 21, 2014

We are at the lake, where I was told to find the glowing rock. I am standing right here beside the rock. I bent over, so focused on getting the rock that I did not notice a black shadow appear. It asks me what I want most in this world? I told him that I want love. I want to be truly loved. He says:
“You need to sacrifice someone.”
“If you sacrifice someone, I will be able to see that you truly want it.”
“Hey now!”

Without a doubt I picked Rost and threw him to the dark one. The dark one promised me that I would find love really soon. When the moon is full my true love will appear.  After that, I felt like something was inside me, I felt something evil growing. I asked Cleo what she can do to help me. She told me that she couldn't do anything. Everything was inside my head.

                                                                August 22, 2014

We are at the chimera's den. There's a lot of skulls and cadavers on the floor. The chimera is asleep when we arrived. Cleo uses some magic to make us invisible so that we can get closer. Unfortunately, I step on a bone and the chimera opens it's black eyes. We begin to run, Cleo is hurt, she's left behind. She screams for my help. I rush back to her. I pick her up and hide from it. When we are hidden we begin to make a plan. Her grandma told her that the only way to kill a chimera is to make it ingest venomous “suntly.” Suntly was a deadly plant, which can only be picked by witches. The plan was for me to distract him and while I do that she would go and pick the plant. While I was distracting the chimera she went to the garden. When she was there picking the flower the chimera saw her. I warned her but she wasn't paying attention. The chimera bit her and tore her in pieces. While he was eating her I ran to him and shoved the plant into his mouth. In that very moment the chimera began to squeal and it collapsed. I took Rost's dagger and opened his rib cage and took the heart. Sadly, I said goodbye to Cleo and left her there.

                                                                August 28, 2014

Now I am walking home again. The woman from the woods, Candy, she showed me everything. The murderer is my mother. She is killing innocent people because when I was a little kid I was really sick. She made a pact with the devil. She had control of the wolves till I was ready to know the truth. She sealed the pact. Now I need to find her and beg her to stop. I think that I am the chosen one. Inside me lays a good wolf and a bad wolf. I need to find help to control my two wolves.  At the night of the blood moon both of them will rise and fight for my control. If the good wins I will be the savior and if the bad wins I'll be the destruction of this world. What can I do? I know a person that can help me with this problem before it too late. Cleo's grandma.
“Who is it?”
“It is I, Janus.”
“Why are you here? Get out of here!”
“No, please. I need your help.”
“You killed my baby.”
“It was an accident...”
“Get out!”
“If you don't help me now, the world will cease to exist.”
“What do you want?”
“I need a spell or something that can open the door of the realms.”
“I need to communicate with my other side and try to make a deal.”
“I don't have an option, I'll help you. You need to concentrate and pass through seven stages.”
“Sure, tell me.”

After a long talk, I finally understood and entered the spirit world. Right there, I passed the seven stages. Out of the blue, a unicorn appeared. I killed it and ate his flesh. I begin to feel incredibly strong. My powers were rising. Now it is the night of the blood moon. I was prepared to do what I had to, but first I needed to talk with my mother. When I arrived home, I almost lost control. Something impossible happened. Cleo was there; she was holding my mom. When I asked how she was alive she told me that all of the witches were protected by necromancy. They are “allowed” to die once. When she died she gained powers, she became a supreme. While she was in her travel they told her that she was the chosen one. The only thing she needed to do was to kill someone and give the spirits a heart.
“Since you left me, you'll pay.” - She was about to kill my mother.
“Please don't! I promise that you'll be my right hand and we will conquer the world together: like friends do. What do you say, give it a second chance?”
“Do you really expect me to forgive you after all you've done to me?! Hell no!” - In that moment she killed my mother, ripped her heart out.

She became powerful, her eyes turned red and her hair white. The blood moon was shinning above us. I transformed into the wolf. We began the fight. Now I am laying on the floor. When I realized that I can't be the bad wolf. I decided to kill myself. I entered the spirit world once more and commanded my bad wolf to kill me. When I die, I realized that what I needed to become the chosen was to sacrifice myself. Now I have returned from the dead, but I am not me anymore. I am the savior. I killed the witch and saved the earth from all darkness. 

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By, Gabriel Meroli 2014

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