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July 7, 2015
By Adia16 GOLD, Nampa, Idaho
Adia16 GOLD, Nampa, Idaho
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"A heart's desire is much like the wind.  You spread your wings and ride it, For you may just lose yourself in the ride of your heart." The word's whispered, the wind gently lifted her encircling her. Stealing her from the world she had known.
There is a world very much like ours. A twin no less but every twin has it's differences.   For each being has a talent in a specific area of magic.
  In the far east lived a family.
Aria had the  talent of  reading the wind.  She knew if there was a storm brewing days before it even happened. She could tell you if the wind was enraged  or just expressing empathy. Aria was the perfect mother calm, forgiving, loving. Her long brown wavy hair contained four small round porcelain wind chimes in her hair.  Her eyes were blue like the sky during a cloudless day.
Her  husband, Collin had the talent of bending  metal to match his very thoughts. In fact, he was so gifted that the things he made with metal would never rust. He was tall and blonde. His dedication to his family was  so strong, you could see it in his pine green eyes.  
Their daughter was a mere infant, She had  long brown hair like her mother and highlighted  blonde streaks from her father. Her eyes were a soft indigo catching that would catch anyone's  attention.
For every new born into the world he/she couldn't be named until their gift was revealed at age 9. Until then they carried on a variation of their mother's and/or father's name. So, Aria and Collin named their daughter Arie.
One evening Aria decided to take Arie outside to show her daughter the wonders of the wind. Teaching her how to tell the feelings of the wind. Arie laughed as the wind gently lifted her in to the air.   Aria hoped that Arie's talent would match her own. While still in thought , Aria reached and fingered  a small wind chime in her hair. It was blue and green with lavender blossoms.  She tugged it out of her hair.  She spoke a mere whisper  ''This is a wind chime that is most precious to me."  Arie held the chime it made the most wonder song.
Aria  continued with a lowered voice ''My mother gave this to me when I discovered my talent.  I wanted to give this to when you discover yours." Aria looked off into the distance tears falling down her cheeks."But I fear..." she sighed and turned towards her daughter.   Her tear streamed eyes met Arie's cool indigo eyes Aria fought back more sobs as she whispered
" I need you to be strong for me". Aria kissed her daughter and held her tightly. 
   As fresh new cold tears fell from her face. The wind picked up. The wind chime had a taken on beautiful golden glow as it sang and sang. It filled Aria's and her precious Arie's ears. Aria whispered "I love you Arie"
A burst of blinding white light, encompassed Aria. When it cleared Aria was gone. The night sky cried as rain fell and the wind howled.
   Collin, concerned for his daughter and wife ran out to the porch to see his daughter wailing with no sign of his wife. Collin scooped Arie up into his arms and noticed her clutching the wind chime. Collin was  astonished, confused, and angry, "Why did it have to happen now?"  He held Arie doing his best to comfort her. He carried her inside and set her down in her cradle near to the fire to keep her wet cloths and body warm.  Collin went to Arie's room and grabbed a blanket and dry clothes.  When he returned he found that the room was dark. He frantically searched for Arie. He couldn't bear to lose her too. He soon found his daughter but something wasn't right.
  Collin saw that his Arie now had black markings from the outside corner of each eye to her lower jaw. As he removed the wet clothes he saw markings on her back. Her skin was as pale as fallen  snow. Arie screamed in pain. Collin examined her gently. The marking looked as if they were snakes tightening their hold against it's prey. Then a brilliant bright golden light enveloped Arie and Collin. Collin stared in awe. The light was warm as it flowed to his skin to Arie's skin. Collin noticed that it was coming from the wind chime. Then the light slowly dimmed, He saw in the fire place, written in the ash this message: "This Child Will Not See The Light Of Day. She Has a Gift To Powerful To Endure. It Will Only Bring Sorrow. These Markings Show Proof Of Her Cursed Talent."  Collin looked at his daughter. She was sleeping soundly clutching the wind chime. Gently he stood up and carried her to her cradle.
  In the darkness wept for his wife Aria. He wept for his daughter for she would be dead by dawn.
  Collin focused. He recalled that Nari, a pure spirit, would visit the abandoned shrine.
He picked up his daughter and ran to the shrine. He arrived soaked from the rain cradling  Arie. He gently pulled the little wind chime out of her clenched hand. As soon as he touched it a copper light flashed He used his talent to contribute his love. Then whispered "for my Arie." The light dimmed Collin held up the wind chime. It had transformed into a beautiful moonlight sliver with jade and sapphire with alexandrite blossoms. Collin smiled. Aria's favorite wind chime and the most special. While deep in thought he  noticed that a young girl had entered and knelt by him. He handed Arie  to her.  She took Arie into her arms.
Collin smiled, "It's been a long time has it Nari?" The girl smiled, her long silver hair sweeping her back. Her black coal eyes sparkled.
"Indeed Collin," she replied Nari looked at Arie, "So Aria ...
Collin finished, "Yes, it has been done."
Nari sighed.  "That means that Arie has been cursed."
Collin stiffened, ''Our deal"
Nari smiled "You always want to get to the point." Nari touched Arie and spoke in a foreign tongue.  Light spiraled over Arie. Her skin was no longer pale but the markings remained. Her hair had changed to  sliver, like Nari's. 
Nari spoke before Collin could even utter a word. "I can get rid of the death placed on her but ... Nari stared into Collin's eyes then continued "but she will not be able to see and death is only satisfied by sacrifice.
Collin horrified asked What would be the sacrifice?
Nari spoke in harsh whispers, then finally looked at him with sadness. "Her eyes... he will take her eyes but he is desperate for her.  Nari took a sapphire ribbon from around her neck  "Take it off then she will surely die."
  Collin stared at the wind chime."I'll do anything to save      Arie from this curse." 
"There's more..." Nari pointed at the wind chime"... Arie must use the wind chime to be able her to perform her gift." Nari gave Arie back.  "Her talent is so powerful that she can use it now."
Collin stared down at her, "But what is her... ''
Nari turned, "She can grant a person to taste the most precious wish of their heart and soul."
Nari tuned back around. Her name is Arienta which means " heart desire."
"Arienta" Collin echoed then gently he placed the wind chime in her hair. He wrapped the sapphire ribbon over her eyes.
  Many years went by. As Arienta grew they opened a shop together to put her talent to action. But at sixteen years of age her father passed away for reasons unknown.
  Arienta able to take care of herself and run the shop.  Days went by she wondered if she could grant her own heart's deepest wishes.  When the last customers left, Arienta locked up the shop and went to the room where she performed her talent. Arienta closed the door. Arienta sighed and gently pulled  the wind chime out of her hair.  She held it over  her heart. Wind roared in her ears. Golden warm light danced and sang:
" A  heart's desire is  much   like the wind . You spread your wings and ride it,  For you may just lose yourself in the ride of your heart".  The word's whispered, as wind gently lifted her encircling her. Stealing her from the world she had known. The sapphire  ribbon fell to the floor as everything disappeared.

The author's comments:

This was a story I entered into a contest, but it was taken over by another publishing company. I was so disappointed when they sent me a letter full of regret and the cancelation of the contest. This story hasn't seen the light of day until today. The photo matching  the story perfectly is not mine. 

Finding the way to describe this story is diffult, it isn't really a thiller because it's not scary. But it's a dark sort of mystery fantasy story. 

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Adia16 GOLD said...
on Jul. 9 2015 at 1:26 pm
Adia16 GOLD, Nampa, Idaho
16 articles 7 photos 20 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Sing like no one's listening, Dance like no ones watching, Love like you've never been hurt."-Unknown

Thank you! It means a lot, that you really like my work. I have dreams of being a good writer. I went over it myself and I wasn't impressed,always room for improvement.

on Jul. 8 2015 at 11:58 pm
ThisEmilyDa1 SILVER, BF, New Mexico
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Nice story. Please check out my work too, I would really like your critique, please and thank you. You are so talented keep up the good work.