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Awful Things

September 17, 2015
By lizzylindoe BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
lizzylindoe BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, therefore is winged cupid painted blind."

I can’t stand them. It’s reached a point where the sound is just nauseating. The voices, they tell me to do, things, terrible, awful things. I mean at first it was bearable, they’d only come maybe once every month or so. I’d just brush them off and carry on no harm done right? I thought if I just ignored them they’d go away and they did for a couple years actually. In that time it seemed life was working in my favor. Then, little Ally was born. My dear little sister, I loved her I really did, but they, they didn’t. They came back and it was even worse than before. They were screaming and screaming and no matter how I hard tired they just wouldn’t stop! Once a month, turned into once a day, and now, I hear them all the time. They’re always there, ringing in the back of mind, intensifying whenever I get too close to Ally. They say awful things. “They love her more.” “It’d be so easy to get rid of her.” “Accidents happen all the time.” “Just do it.” “Do it.” “DO IT!” I loved my little sister. I-I don’t know why they taunt me with such awful things. I haven’t slept for days now. They keep me up day and night with their constant badgering. “Why not all of them?” “Yes, why just stop at one?” “They don’t love you anyways.” “Come on.” “It’d be so easy.” Every waking moment is a living hell. I couldn’t, take it anymore. I would’ve asked for help b-but they’d all would just lock me up, alone, with them as my only company. I-I couldn’t let that happen. I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry dad. I’m sorry Ally. For what I did, to all of you. I-I-I just wanted to sleep, I’m so tired. I thought m-maybe if I listened for once instead of push them away they’d leave. I was wrong. They continue to screech and claw away at my sanity. I can hear the distant sound of sirens. I can’t, deal with this anymore. There’s still one bullet left in the chamber. Maybe, maybe now I’ll be able to sleep.

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