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The Hunt Part 1

November 6, 2015
By EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
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“How does it feel...”


“How painful...”


“When did it start...”

:”Last week”

“Why does it hurt..”

“Because i'm freaking human!”

“Calm down sir..”


“Sir what are you doing..”

“You know exactly what i'm doing”

“Put that down sir...”

“You're going to die tonight...”


“Maybe not here...”


“Or maybe not this week but i will kill you.”



“Take him away”




Life before him Was as close to paradise as we humans can get. But

this man was more than a man he was one of my patients. I’m a therapist

for mental patients and i am going to release these documents for all to

hear. To warn all those here in Maine to watch your back for this madman.

For he is on the loose and is ready to kill anyone in his way. These are the


Tape 1, Part 1 “ Hello, Jonathan, can i call you Jon?... Umm well Jon

my name is Daniel and I am your new therapist. You can tell me anything. Tell

me a little about you.” He never answered my questions. This is how they all

start. Why did I pick this job, frankly not even I know that myself. Jon

throughout this just sat there and stared at me. I mean if I was in his

position I guess I wouldn't want to speak either. I’ve been in this business for

ten years now but never have I ever had a client like this one. His name is

Jonathan Schmidt. He was in for going insane we are still trying to figure

out why he went insane, but he won’t speak to anyone. They hired me because

i’ve had many clients like him.

Tape 1, Part 2 “ Hello Jonathan, it’s me again. Hows your day going?

Jon are you going to talk to me? This is the only way we can find out what

really happened.” He just glared at me with a death stare. Many Mental

people use this to say not right now, or that they hate you. I bet he is using

both those feelings in one glare. I kept asking questions. Still no response

to them, but the more I asked the further he put his head down. What was he

hiding. He needed to tell me. I tried to tell him he could trust me. Even

though he really couldn't, the police are going to find out by listening to

the tapes. We sat there for a while i waited for a hand motion another

glare, but there was nothing so i left until the next day.

Tape 1 Part 3 “ Hello Jon today we have to get down to business and

you're going to have to speak up. Now tell me what happened.” He picked his

head up and with a stutter said: “ L...l..lies, man..ny l...l...lies.”

“ Jon who lied? What did they lie about?... Jon what did you mean by

lies?” Not another word came out of his mouth, but it was progress.

Tape 1 Part 4 “Hello Jon, are you ready to tell me about the lies?” I

paused waiting to see if he would respond. He shook his head. “ Jon don't tell

me no, i need the answers to help you. You're not in trouble with the police

you won't go to jail. Just let me know what happened that day. I know you

remember, don't you.” He began to rock back and forth and he whimpered.

Tears began to roll down his cheeks. I walked over to him and told him: “ Jon

it can get better and i'm sure it will if you just tell me what happened.”

“No, No I..I can't, you don't understand i can't. H...he’ll kill me.”

“Who Jon, who’s going to kill you?”

“No, No, no.”



Tape 1 Part 5 “ Jon, Lets talk about yesterday. What's the persons


“ Daddy”

“ His name is Daddy? Is he your father? Jon did your father abuse


“ No, no no no no no no no no no no no no”

“ Then who is he?”

“Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy”

“ Who is Daddy?”

“Daddy Guzman”

“Daddy Guzman, Okay did he hurt you Jon? Is this the man who made

you this way?” He looked at me then looked down almost immediately. Like

someone was behind me i looked to see noone.

“I told too much too much too much” He began to do that rocking

thing again. He was afraid. Afraid of someone. I also took into consideration

that it could have been someone in his head, someone he uses as a code name

for his possible other self. I will know soon.

Tape 1 Part 6 “ Jon we did some research and we found many matches

to the name ‘Daddy Guzman’ Can you point out which one looks like him.” I

pulled out one of a man he had gray hair big square glasses and wrinkles.

The next guy was also an older guy he had black hair and a black mustache.

The last and final guy i pulled out had Black hair, a grey beard and

mustache, and glasses. Jon looked at them laid out on the table not saying a

word. he finally took focus on the last guy. i picked it up and showed him.

“Is this him Jon, Is this Daddy Guzman.” He just stared at it. Scared he

stared at it. I could guess it was him by the way he looked at me.

I researched this Guzman guy for weeks and what i found was

astonishing. He had quite the history of violence. He was known for the

robbery in 1986. He was on the run for the next 5 or so years taking the

risk of robbing 25 different antique shops. Although antique shops are not

too important, it’s the fact of how many he stole from and how much he

stole. As i read more and more about him i was more and more afraid for

Jon. The poor guy knew this man and this is the man who probably put him in

the asylum. I read that he was in jail at this point in time. He was in Maine

State Prison. So i had planned a visit with ‘ Daddy Guzman.’

When I got there I saw a big white building. As i walked in a man

stopped me and asked if I was Mr. Livingston.

“Yes that would be me.”

“Okay sir follow me. He is in this room. I will have to stay in there with

you just in case.”

“Thats fine.”

“Well here we are.” We walked into a small white room. It had one of

those one sided window things so police could see and hear everything. There

he was sitting there staring at the wall. i slowly approached him.

“Hello.” I started. His glance turned to me. He said nothing. “Well I’m

here because of one of my clients. he mentioned you.” I sat down across from


“Jonathan” He whispered.

“Yes thats him.”


                                    End Part 1

The author's comments:

This is part 1 out of 3 of my The Hunt series. 

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on Sep. 19 2016 at 10:13 am
EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
38 articles 14 photos 12 comments

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The entire book is out if you would like to read the rest

on Jan. 21 2016 at 1:56 am
Maculate_Dream DIAMOND, Riverside, California
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All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

Very interesting, very organized. Already anticipating for a second part, the story is very grasping and makes you want to learn more. Looking forward to the next one.