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January 15, 2009
By Anonymous


Pop…pop…pop, the balloons were popping one by one at my little sister’s birthday party. It was just me my parents and Jamie my little sister She is three years old now. We were going to hire a magician but he was booked. So he couldn’t make it. That’s when they hired some creepy clown that looks like a real one, he also has a deep scratchy voice that every time you hear it, it will give you the Goosebumps. He wares yellow overalls with a blue t-shirt underneath it! Yea doesn’t that sound creepy?

The party is only about half way over when so called Mr. Happy face the clown was playing wacky carnival music and blowing Jamie a balloon and out of nowhere he throws the balloon while yelling with all his might and tries to stand up but he stumbles back down. He got up one more time then smack he fell in the grass face down. We all huddle around Mr. Happy face and my mom drops to her knees rolls him over and lies her head on his chest to see if he was still breathing. About 15 sec. later she slowly raises her head and looked at us and said, “HE’S DEAD!”
“What?” Dad said loudly in a confused way. “He...He...he cant be dead.”
“I will get the phone,” I said. I raced inside as fast as I could to get the phone.

I dialed 911 on the phone and waited for someone to answer, my family was standing in the kitchen staring at me with red faces and full of worry. But finally someone answered. “Hhhhh, hhhhh.” There was heavy breathing on the other line.
“Hello?” I said. “Hello… HELLO?!” I finally said with anger. The breathing got louder by the second.
Then the voice screeched loudly. “EEEEEEEEEEEEH!” It sounded like a pig squeal. Then what or who ever that was hung up.
“Well…” said dad, I just stared at my parents in a delirious way.
What is it, what’s wrong mom said? There was a voice on the other line. I replied, not just an ordinary one either.
“What kind of voice” mom said with large bugged out eyes?
“A deep scratchy voice”. “And it wasn’t an operator”.

“Let me see your cell phone”, mom told dad. She called 911, while I went outside to check on Mr. Happy Face. I grabbed a cupcake off the party table and walked outside. I look to my left and look to my right, and to my “BIG” surprise he was gone! I ran inside to tell my mom and she was nowhere in sight, wait a minute where is dad. No! I yelled MOM, DAD, JAMIE! But no answer. Right then something was playing it was that wacky carnival music again. So I followed the music, and it was coming from out back. So I walked slowly out the back door then… AHHH! I yelled. There was Mr. Happy face standing in front of me with a knife.

The author's comments:
I am 14 and love,love,love to write! That is my number one hobby. I actually started to like writing when I was 11. I like to Skateboard and hang out with friends. I was born in Decatur,Illinois, But I grew up in Mt.Zion Illinois. My 7th grade English teacher Mrs. Hild really inspired me to write.

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