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The Hunt Part 2

April 5, 2016
By EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
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“Of course it was him. Who else would be such a litte stupid ignorant mother f-”

“Now don't blame tison him e was only do what he was told”
“ really ‘cause if he listened to what he was told too do you wouldn’t be here. So, why are you here exactly.”
I began to fix my tie and sit upright. Then i cleared my throat and began to explain;   “Well, uhh, sir you see.” I paused to take the paperwork out of the brown, 2 year old, leather suitcase i brought. “Well you see Jon is in a mental asylum, and he is worrying everyone. He tells me of you.”
He laughed “He did, did he, well haven’t even seen that fool in about a year.”
“Yes, that's right, and he said that if he told us of you, you were going to kill him…, But i don't know if that's just him or not” I quickly added. He was a very large intimidating man, you know the look of any evil robber from the movies. bald , broad shoulders, deep brown eyes that seemed to look right through me. “I along with mny others are worried for him thinking this. So fr no means of offense, but did you ever threaten him or told him you would you know-”
“Yeah Yeah, i get and, yes maybe i told him that, but honestly, look at me i was on the run, and the last thing i needed was for big mouth to slip the word of where i was. You feel me?” He gave me a surprising look of honesty, now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t innocent. But hat he had said was all true, so i ended the visit and when back to do more research.

Now it’s been two years, Jonathan is out of the asylum, and back to a partially normal life. I still see him now and then for check ups which yes are still recorded...

Tape 54 part 20 “Hello Jon, hows it been the last month?”
“That's good, you find a job you like…”
“Yes… I work as a janitor at South Hadley Middle School”
“Very good, Jon. Sounds like you’ve started a life for yourself.”
“Yes I have”

Tape 57 Part 5 “ Jon you don't look too well you feeling okay?”
“It’s Just.. just a cold…”
“Okay… well if you need anything just ask…”

Tape 58 Part 7 “Jon…”
“You look really pale, and tired…” He looked up off the floor where his eyes faced. “Oh dear you're eyes are blood shot, have you been sleeping okay?”
“Are you sure?”
“Jonathan You now…”
“YES!!!” He scramed took a deep breathe and corrected himself “I’m sorry just really tired…”

Tape 61 Part 18 “Jon why are you rocking, what's wrong… tell me now”
“He’s coming, Hes coming, Hes comming, Hes comming, Hes cominng Hes Coming HEs coming HES COMING HES COMING HES COMING!” He got progressively louder. Then uddenly bolted out the door. I had no idea what i had just seen. All i knew was we were back where we started. I took a deep breathe and told the asylum owner he was coming back.
When i went to his home, a shady looking apartment building, I stepped up to the buzzer and rung it. I stood there for a minute or so then tried it again, and again. Soon enough i had to barge my way in. I came to his apartment number and knocked on the door. No response i kicked the door down and walked in. I figured it’s only Jon. It was dark except for where the light from the window shown in. It was like a scene from a horror movie. My heart was racing, my hands shaking. I turned to open a door to a bedroom. That's when i saw him. Lying in bed. I sighed relievingly. I walked up to him and touched his shoulder. He slowly turned his head and to my shock it was blood filled. He swiped my arm in and pulled me in and said:
“He’s coming, hes coming hes coming hes coming hes coming hes coming..” This time instead of his volume increasing it dimmed to his death. That’s when a slight creak was heard from behind me and was breathing down my neck...

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It's finally here, part 2 of The Hunt.

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