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February 20, 2009
By Pancake1132 SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
Pancake1132 SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
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The house was quiet. The sun had just risen on a Saturday morning and the sky was clear. The house looked very cheerful. It was painted in a tan color, which when hit by the sun, shone brightly. The main floor had four parts to it. The kitchen was a few feet away from the stairs that linked the main floor to the top floor. It had all the things a normal kitchen would have: a dishwasher, a refrigerator, two cupboards above the counters to hold spices, mixes, recipes and minor ingredients. There were also two long cupboards that extended up from the floor until it reached the height of the refrigerator. In it were everything else you could put in a cupboard. Bread, breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and meals. It, like almost the rest of the house, had hard wood floors. The second parts of the Selvien families house was their family room.

It was a light red color, and had a tan color, just like the rest of the house. There was a plasma screen in the left side, which was surrounded by four cabinets, which contained all of the movies they owned. Their DVD player was directly under their plasma screen, sitting on the two middle cabinets. In the center of the room was a fireplace, which was electric. The Selvien?s had lost a big portion of their family room due to the fact that one of the children kept the screen open which caused it to catch on fire. They soon remodeled. On the right side of the fireplace were their books. In fact there were a surprisingly large amount. It took four bottom cabinets, and two ones on top of the far right and left ones to keep them all. And still they had to put some shelves in-between the top cabinets to hold the rest.

A long, red couch was distanced from the plasma screen. It was long enough to hold all three Selvien children: Ashley, Devon and Ryan. As well as the parents: Aaron and Sara. There was also a computer near the door less entrance. There also was a desk in the last empty corner of the room, the corner to the left of the computer. It held the fathers laptop. Between the laptop desk and the book shelves were three windows, one giant one in the center, and two smaller ones on either side of it. The third part was their dining room.

There was a mahogany table in the center of it along with six chairs. One for each member of the family as well as the parents constantly visiting godson, whose parents died and was currently living with his grandparents. There were two door less entrances, one going into the family room and one going into the kitchen. There were two windows, side by side, in the back. It had hardwood, just like the kitchen and was painted a light green. The last part was their laundry room.

It was all white. There was a rug in the center. A side loading washer and dried stood next to each other. Beside the washer was a dog cage for their dog, Kairi. There was a door that led to their garage next to a closet which held two baskets at the bottom, and hanger along a pole neat the top. Also it had a space up top for dryer sheets and detergent.

Their house had a basement as well. Though it was more like a game room. There was another plasma screen down there, with a Playstation 3, an X-box 360, and a Nintendo Wii. There were four columns of four row seats. A popcorn maker, soda machine and a vending machine. Behind the pole that held the television up was a pool table, and a air hockey table. Also a mini fridge in-between them. A bar was at the far back end of the basement, which had a locked beer cabinet and another mini fridge for soda?s and water. It was painted the same color as the rest of the house: tan and had red carpet.

On the very top floor were the bedrooms. Five, one for each kid, one for the parents and one for a guest room. The eldest of the three children, Ashley, had a completely girly room. Pink and flowery. Devon, the second eldest, had more of a videogame room. And the youngest, Ryan, had a suddle, creative, reading/drawing theme room. It had books everywhere and a desk stocked with crayons, markers and paper. The parents room was like an adults room, white paint with white carpet. The guest room was just like the parents room. All the kids rooms had a twin size bed, the parents and guest room had a king size.

After a while, a man came down the steps of the house. He had black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a collared shirt and black pants. His tie was around his neck, not ties yet. He rubbed his eyes and walked into the kitchen. Pulling an orange from their fruit basket, he took a giant bite from it and shook his head with a jolt. Finding he had bitten a lemon instead. He threw it away and took an apple this time. Making sure it was read, he took a bite out of it and swallowed happily. He looked at the clock and put the apple down quickly. He tied his tie as fast as he could, took his briefcase, grabbed his coat, and left. He never made it to work.

A news special aired later that night saying a man had stopped and gotten out of his car to help people escape from a burning building, but never came back before it collapsed.

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