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May 11, 2010
By Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
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What is vital, what do you really need in education, and in life? Why is it that people are satisfied with wasting time money and energy on anything that someone else decides is good for them? For example, why is it that we do not learn basic first aid in school as a basic class, think of all the people that would be saved if anyone who graduated high school could offer first aid? What would be wrong with starting self chosen classes at fifth or sixth grade, allow students to work toward something they want to do, start a career. Why isn’t grammar taught before poetry, or the construction of an equation before an equation is? Why does there seem to be a lack of organization, coherence, or logic in academia? Why aren’t the sciences in school chosen due to their general relevance, since when was geology something that the average adult needs? Why isn’t chemistry taught more than one time in high school? Why do we teach health and then re-teach the same material in a class like biology 101 or anatomy, why can’t these classes work together, one pick up where the other left off? Why do they teach proofs in geometry, but not practical geometry, the section where one finds the size of other shapes based on the measurement of others? Why in social studies isn’t conflict resolution and relationships covered, why isn’t social studies a research based class, not a lecture based class. Same science, why isn’t it based on student research rather than the theory in a text-book? Why don’t the disciplines in school work together, why don’t they aim for more of a goal then the memorization of every amiable fact that wonders toward a student? I think that a large dose of relevance needs to be injected into the education system, and an even larger dose of choice on the students’ part. Moreover, why does everyone feel that these are issues that can be ignored, and those who defend these issues considered social enigma.

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