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My Ten - Year Plan

November 16, 2011
By lynsp SILVER, Drummonds Tn, Tennessee
lynsp SILVER, Drummonds Tn, Tennessee
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God knows me better than I know myself . true datt

In ten years I will be 24 years old and I plan on being in college for a music major and criminal investigation . I was thinking about becoming a pharmacist but I really started to try picturing
myself counting prescriptions , may be fun for others but not for me . I want to live my
live as exciting as I can but help others in the career I choose . While thinking about what I wanted to do as a career I had my Gampa on my mind and criminal investigation really started tuging on my heart .

For those who knew my Gampa , knew that He was the top dog in criminal investigation . I thought it would mean alot to him, if he was still on this earth ,if I happened to follow in his footsteps . I really wanna make good money in the career I choose , but I want to be able to help others in the process . I love giving up my free time to serve God and help people in need and that is a passion I desire to go forword with for the rest of my life !

Gampa was in the MPD ( Memphis Police Department ) and he also was a Criminal investagtor , undercover cop, and was intertwined with much other stuff to do with the MPD. His nickname while he was serving was 'Bulldog' cause he had a desire to catch criminals . He also served in the airforce moved to Juneu Alaska for a year ,while he was serving for our country . He seen so much that I probley couldn't have handled , literally if I had done what he did I would have probley became emotionally wrecked !!

On Feburary the 10, of 2007 my Gampa went to be with Jesus and I just hope he knows how much I miss him and can't wait to see him again . I love you so much Gampa I knew if you were still here you would be huging me right now and telling me you love me . Every time I think of you I cry .... and I know thats its good to cry but i just miss you soo much .......... ! And Im willing to follow in your footsteps 100% :) !!! I LOVE YOU !!!

Anyways back to me .... I'm still not sure about what college I want to attend either UU ( Union University ) or DSCC ( Dyersburg State Community College ) ? But not only do I have a desire for criminal investigation but I have a huge desire for Music !! I would love to create a band be the lead singer , guitarist ,and drummer . Music means so much to me , I cant live without it !!! Im soo excited just to get out there in the working feild and prove myself that a homeschooler can do anything !!! Expecially with God on her side <3 !!!!

With Love ,
Lynsey Perry

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one my my school essays of what I plan on doing of ten years :)

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