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Personal Electronics at School. . . Good or Bad?

September 18, 2012
By Ashley.Noel SILVER, Lugoff, South Carolina
Ashley.Noel SILVER, Lugoff, South Carolina
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In every school in the US, students are sneakily using the cell phones in class, during lunch, and everywhere else. Starting this school year, Richland School District 2 in South Carolina created a new policy that says we are allowed to use cell phones, iPods, and any other electronic device at school.
The policy says that we can use our electronic devices everywhere but classrooms, the library, and the offices. This means we have them in the cafeteria, Atrium, sports fields, the hallways, and outside.
Of course, this has affected everyone's life. Students are still sneaking texts during class, but students who never did that are now texting and calling people between classes and during lunch. Teachers still have to get used to not taking phones from students, especially since we weren't allowed to use them the first two weeks of school.
Everywhere you look, you see people listening to music, texting, and looking things up on Kindle Fires. Some people even bring personal laptops to use if they have Study Hall.
There are good and bad things from this. If we have an emergency, we can call or text our parents and tell them. We can find out why our friends aren't at school that day. Our parents can tell us if our after-school schedule has changed. But, we are wrapped up in our musics and phones instead of talking to friends. We will start texting more in class, which could cause us to get our phones taken. We're more worried about carrying on a text conversation than an actual conversation.
This will probably spread to more districts in the state, and eventually the entire country. Is this something that should be spread throughout the country, or should it only be with certain districts? Whatever happens, this is going to spread fast.

The author's comments:
My school district started allowing us to use electronic devices at school. Is this a good or a bad thing?

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on Aug. 29 2013 at 12:24 pm
I thik this should be good but it should be in class to just for music and in the library for music because sometimes it helps people concentrate.... the phones shouldnt be aloud but Ipods and mp3's yeah some kids dont wwork in study hall because the cant work without music or everyone is just too loud.