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Educate the Real Cause

May 25, 2012
By Swims.M.V. GOLD, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Swims.M.V. GOLD, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Bullying has become a large problem in every school; bullying and abuse are caused by numerous things. Bullying affects thousands of students everywhere, because the bullying causes are very wide ranged bullying has not been successfully terminated. This confirms how far we have let bullying get just because it is tough to battle, but if young children can battle cancer then Americans can work a little harder to solve a nationwide problem that is making more kids than not suffer.
The causes of bullying include nothing but being different than your peers, but in every case being an original is always better than being a copy. Most students who are bullied are the ones who sit in the corner of the room during instruction time, the ones who fear doing group work because they have to socialize with other kids. They are also the kids who have a mind of their own, who don’t need those 500 friends on “Facebook” kids, who have potential to be great but we must give them that boost they require. Just because those students have the potential doesn’t mean the administrator aren’t required to do anything, they need to make those kids feel safe around other students, they have to be the adult of the situation because kids of every age don’t know what to do when they’re scared. Administrators need to put an end to those kids who are alone, and I know just how to do that. Make sure that in every school there is a group for every race, religion, mental ability, athletes, and educational ability which are given rightfully to every student, so that no child is left alone. Race is one of the biggest factors that come by bullying because no one looks the same yet anyone who looks different is the ones who get bullied. Now, I’m going to speak from personal experience, a boy who I know never let his race get the best of him, he embraced it but when it came to anyone else, he judged their color, you’d think he’d be excepting because he never let anyone bully him but in reality that was because he was the bully and didn’t even know it. This evidence suggests that bullying is caused by nothing but being different but there are ways to fix it we just have to be willing enough to do so.
Bullying is one of the strongest, school wide problems and we need to face the fact that is must be put to an end. Now we’ve all been to anti-bullying events at school where they say over and over how “bullying isn’t cool” but what they don’t tell us is what causes bullying, they don’t tell us why kids get bullied or for that matter why kids become bully’s which is what really needs to be educated. If we can get the word out about how bullying began then maybe we can end it from the beginning.

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