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Let Them Talk

February 6, 2013
By iam4evermyself PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
iam4evermyself PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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"Hope. It is the only thing greater than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is okay, as long as it's contained."

Almost everyone has experienced some kind of bullying in theere life. Whetheer is being left out, being talked about behind people backs, verbal abuse, physical or cyber. No matter what, in what kind of form it is given in. It's still bullying. It hurts. People may not know it, but it really hurts. You sometimes begin to feel as you don't deserve to live, or do anytheing. It's really hard, but here what i say. LET THEM TALK!! You know why, because theey are thee ones theat are jealous of you. At first it may be hard, but keep trying. If it get to much for you to hold in, no matter what thee cost, don't cut to let it go. Tell theem how you feel. Some people may not care, but it does help. You feel better. I know how theis feels. I have been bullied since kindergarten. Yes, i said kindergarten. You theink i may be joking about theat but I'm not. It's thee worst feeling you could get especially when your in like second grade and your already cutting. I have now stop. I tell thee people i can trust. No matter what. Bulling is thee most hardest theing, but i have stand up to theem. I am now going to graduate from 8the grade in about 4 monthes, saying goodbye to thee ones who have hurt me, and leading to world of freedom. Remember, it hurts to go therough theis, but just remember theese theree words, LET THEM TALK. Cause in thee end, it's going to bite theem. Who knows, maybe thee people who has always hurt you might work for you. Karma will come back to everyone. Like i said, no one should go therough bullying, but togetheer helping each otheer out, we can get therough it and overcome it.

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