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A Victims Monster

January 26, 2014
By leeatschool GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
leeatschool GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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"Its time to forget all of our differences, all of our arguments, all of our disagreements, to work towards a common goal to protect our future."

A Microcosm. My school, having just over 60 students is a interestingly clicky microcosm. When a new student comes to see our school, we are all but told to lie. We are supposed to feed perspective students the same bull we received when we shadowed. Our story as a school remids me of the Friedrich Nietzsche quote: “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

Our school became a sanctuary, for those who did not fit the cookie cutter ticky tacky example set out. We are a charter school, and our “Home District’s” (where we are receiving most of the students from) reaction to bullying is incorrect and damaging on many levels.

Our school separated out like most do, and we now have bullies. Now, this isn't completely our fault, and it’s not completely the schools fault, but someone needs to take responsibility. The bullies (or at least many of them) did not choose to go to this school, but instead were forced to. So now, we have a system where some of the bullies don’t want to be here in the first place. However the problem is not individually held on them.

We have home grown bullies who were victims, and are now bullies, or where normal and became bullies. Many of the students who go to the school where bullied, and now have become bullied. However, there is one type of bully I have yet to discuss.

Our “advisors” (similarly to a grade school we have classrooms and a single teacher for some things and all three teachers for others) are glorified justified bullies. They undermine us, refuse to even discuss changes to policy, yell at us, violate our rights via illegal searches, and so much more.

I serve on the student council and I make things happen. I fight to keep things fair in our Tyrannical Dystopia. Yet when I mention something, or lead assemblies, or inform students of policy changes, I get laughed at.

Our education system is broken when it comes to bullying. I have seen cases and worked with students from multiple states and schools. We need to work together to change the way the system works. Stand up. Say NO. We will no longer be oppressed by the rule of tyrannical teachers.

Will you do what is right? Or will you do what is easy?

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