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You Are Valued and You Matter!

February 14, 2015
By Orchid7 PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
Orchid7 PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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if you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will award you with a new hello!

Bullying-one word that can take away someone's life. Take a moment and ask yourself this question,'Am I the victim,the bully,or the bystander that doesn't want to get involved.' People used to think of bullies as people who beat up the nerdy kids after school for lunch money or popularity. So much has changed since those times that now everyone bullies people verbally or through text,because lets be honest,not everyone is an MMA fighter. Guys,if you are being bullied through some means of technology,just dont worry. Take a deep breathe,relax and laugh.There are minor cases of bullying and major cases of bullying and I am well aware of the effects of both those types. The first step is to calm down and relax. Then,tell someone about the bully.By someone I mean an adult. It sometimes feels as if adults just don't get and I understand that completely. Sometimes it feels that they have no time for you and you might think that they would ignore you. But in extreme cases of cyber bullying especially involving girls,it does help to tell your mom,dad,stepmom,or any other relative about what the bully has done. A lot of poeple find this difficult as they would have done someone to provoke the bully and hence get in trouble too,or they would have gone to a place they shouldn't have and become victims,but would you rather ruin your life to a point where it makes sense to stop living,or face your parents fury for a week or two and have them put your life back in place. If you don't have anybody at home,tell a teacher or even a close friend's parent about the issue. I assure you everything will by fine and after that.I know how hard it is to tell someone about it but believe me it really helps you get it off your chest and those adults can be really helpful.Even in extreme cases of bullying,this method helps.Parents might freak out and have a panic attack after hearing what you've done or what the bully did to you at first,but overtime they will be the rock on which you lean on and really help you out of the situation. Girls and boys who are teens like myself,lets just not go where we are not supposed to go in the first place. If a group of kids in your school are having a party with drugs and alcohol,and they are pressurizing you to go or you'll become an outcast if you don't,change shcools. It is important not to be loner in high school and make friends,but if these are the kinds of kids you come across tell your mom and dad. They'll automatically help you switch schools. If you avoid these kinds of instances in the first place,you are likely not going to be a bully or victim. Now,if you are a bully,I have one question for you.Why? You aren't going to get anywhere by ruining someone's life. Ever heard of karma? Well it's real. Life may be a bully in itslef,but it hates it when there's competition. It'll knock out bullies cold. So just remeber, unless you stop and change soon,you will be in the same postion as your victim for sure one day. Bystanders, please inform authorities if you see something going on.I know that maybe they will make you an outcast if you report something,but then again if that's the kind of school you go too,my advice would be report the bullies and change schools.If your school or college is bully dominated,it might be wise to switch. Victims,just remember one thing.Even you feel like you have nobody,there is always some supernatural force watching over you.You are loved,you matter,and you are wanted. You came into this world for a purpose,so don't leave without fullfiling it. A lot of people have you in their hearts and are rooting for you everyday and every moment. You are special and a beautiful person no matter what anyone says. This world does care about you.You are valued,you are loved,and you definetley matter. As Bob MArley said,Love the life you live,live the the life you love.

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on Mar. 16 2015 at 2:52 pm
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"You may have won the war, but you will never take my crown." -Ronnie Radke

Nice Bob Marley quote. And, amazing article overall. It really gets you thinking.