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You Are Amazing

February 9, 2017
By AvaH121801 SILVER, Willard, Ohio
AvaH121801 SILVER, Willard, Ohio
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"Chin up princess or the crown slips."

Bullying is a serious matter. Millions of teens die of suicide every year. I know being bullied is hard trust me iv'e been called every name in the book, but don't hurt yourself or kill yourself. You were put on earth for a reason. Don't let people drag you down and let you think that you don't matter or that you aren't important. Everyone has a purpose in life. You are amazing. You are beautiul no matter your sexuality, size, shape, color, etc. Don't starve yourself because you don't look like a barbie or a Tumblr girl. You can't be anyone else because you are you. Everyone else is already taken. If you are being bullied don't just let it happen, stick up for yourself and/or get help. Bullies take their problems and that put it on you. They are just insecure people. If you see someone being bullied don't just stand there and let it something. You could save their their hero. Don't bully anyone because you don't know what has happened to them or what they are going through. We were not created to hurt each other.


I was bullied in 8th grade and it was awful. The sexist guys told me that since I was a girl that I was useless and worthless. They would yell in my face and it got to the point where one day in class I just cried. I eventually told a teacher because I couldn't take it anymore and it stopped. I am still bullied, but i'm cyber bullied. People will judge you for who you are..if you change yourself they will still judge you. I don't see a point in that. We are each others enemies but not are worst enemies. Are worst enemy is ourselves...We have to stand up for each other and take a stand to end bullying. You bullies may not honestly care about all this, but people lose the ones they love because of you. You are why suicide happens. Everyone is beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different. You are important and special in your own way. You are amazing even if you don't think so someone does. Someone is thinking about you, dreaming about you, loving you, caring about you, and trying to save you. Don't push the people you love away because they just want to help you. Don't do drugs because you are depressed from bullying or drink underage. Its easier to be born then to stay alive I know, but you are strong. We are all strong! Thank you for reading thid and I hope you help make a difference in our society.

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One person can make a difference

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