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Thanksgiving Morning MAG

By Anonymous

     It was Thanksgivingmorning. The turkey was in the oven and the food was being prepared. Family andfriends were arriving to the aroma of stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pies and othersmells of the late November morning. Babies, kids, friends and relatives weredressed in formal clothes for the once-a-year dinner, but I was wearing an oldpair of jeans and a sweatshirt, prepared to volunteer at the SalvationArmy.

Going to the Salvation Army that morning was extraordinary. It wasmy first year of volunteering on Thanksgiving morning, though I had volunteeredmany times before. This was also the first time I would have the pleasure ofactually seeing the people I was helping.

My first task was to be part ofan assembly line of volunteers preparing the Thanksgiving baskets. I wasdisappointed at first but happy to talk to others who loved volunteering. I hadfun packing rice pudding and pushing baskets down the line.

As Ipositioned rice pudding in the millionth Thanksgiving basket, my advisor thoughtit would be a great idea if I worked with the people picking up the baskets. Ijoined a line of volunteers who would be pushing shopping carts to stationsthroughout the building for the homeless and families who needed help. I wasshocked to be placed in such an important position. My first run-through was anawe-aspiring experience. I was paired with a homeless older gentleman, and talkedwith him about his incredible life. As we stopped at the various stations, welaughed and exchanged stories. I was sad to leave him. After I loaded hisThanksgiving baskets, he thanked me for giving him the time of his life. As Ismiled and waved good-bye, my heart was filled with such satisfaction. I wentback inside to wait for another person.

That Thanksgiving morningrevealed many extraordinary minds and personalities from my town. I am thankfulto have so many memories that will last a lifetime. I am now the secretary of myhigh school's volunteer organization, The Interact Club. I love voicing thebenefits of volunteerism and seeing the excited faces of my peers.

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