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Teaching Computer Skills MAG

By Anonymous

     Lastyear, I had the opportunity to help senior citizens understand computers througha community service project. We showed them how to use Microsoft Word anddrawing/painting programs. We also helped them use the Internet; they had to findinformation on topics and copy and paste what they found into a word processingdocument. The seniors also learned how to set up a website. They all haveInternet access at home and can keep in touch with everyone in the class viaemail. At the end of the course, each senior had to send an email message tothree classmates. It was amazing how much they learned about computers and theInternet in only one month!

Community service helps those around you,while making you thankful for what you have and giving you a better appreciationof people in general. Working with the senior citizens made me realize how muchpatience I can have. It also made me feel good to help people. This project gaveme more appreciation for older people as well. I learned about how life was whenthey were growing up compared with today, which helped me understand why it is sohard for them to understand new things like computers for the first time. Ifeveryone would just do a little more to help those around them, the world wouldbe a much nicer place.

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